recombinant DNA

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genetically engineered DNA made by recombining fragments of DNA from different organisms

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More recently, however, a new form of recombinant DNA technology has emerged, which was reviewed in a recent Nature article by Ledford (1).
Mumbai, India), however, succeeded in designing a way increase the production of recombinant DNA derived products.
Recombinant DNA modification offers plant breeders the tools to make old crop plants do spectacular new things.
An oversight body called the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, formed by the National Institutes of Health, essentially allowed science to police itself.
The company doesn't try to justify its high price on the basis of manufacturing costs; the recombinant DNA technology used to make Epogen is commonplace.
This patent, which has claims for the co-expression of antibody heavy and light chains, covers a principal way that therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies are made by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and others using recombinant DNA technology.
Both the classroom and laboratory portions of this course in recombinant DNA technology are designed to promote contextual, collaborative, inquiry-based learning of science.
The second phase was initiated by the discovery of recombinant DNA technologies in the mid-1970s by Cohen at Stanford University.
Twenty-five years ago, bioluddites tried to stop recombinant DNA research, the technique which allows scientists to swap genes from one organism to another.
Federal legislators sent the following letter to NIH director Harold Varmus in response to his proposal that the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee be disbanded.
There were queries about recombinant DNA, Halley's comet, and the metal with the highest melting point (answer: tungsten).
In 1977, I wrote an article about recombinant DNA subtitled "What are those molecular biologists so excited about?
Then they put this new recombinant DNA into bacterial cells.
The treatments apparently produced neither benefits nor harm, but the incident evoked a powerful movement to strengthen the role of the NIH in overseeing any future attempts to apply recombinant DNA technology to human beings.
Genetic engineering The process of manipulating genes and reproducing recombinant DNA.
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