recombinant DNA

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genetically engineered DNA made by recombining fragments of DNA from different organisms

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Cartridges 100 IU / ml and 3 ml x 5 - obtained by recombinant DNA technology in Saccharomyces cerevisi; onset of action occurs within 1 h 30 min, the maximum effect occurs during 4-12 ha of the total duration of action is 24 hours.
An oversight body called the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, formed by the National Institutes of Health, essentially allowed science to police itself.
The company doesn't try to justify its high price on the basis of manufacturing costs; the recombinant DNA technology used to make Epogen is commonplace.
Both the classroom and laboratory portions of this course in recombinant DNA technology are designed to promote contextual, collaborative, inquiry-based learning of science.
Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA Molecules," Science 188 (6 June 1975) 991-94; Nicholas Wade, "Recombinant DNA: NIH Sets Strict Rules to Launch New Technology," Science 190 (19 December 1975) 1175-79.
There were queries about recombinant DNA, Halley's comet, and the metal with the highest melting point (answer: tungsten).
In 1977, I wrote an article about recombinant DNA subtitled "What are those molecular biologists so excited about?
Then they put this new recombinant DNA into bacterial cells.
These recombinant DNA products will provide great relief to patients suffering the consequences of the genetic aberrations.
They are concerned that the recombinant DNA, if present, may have triggered some of the autoimmune-based inflammatory disorders and malignant tumors observed among children/young women after receiving Gardasil[TM] vaccinations.
This survey of gene manipulation in the context of the genomics era is written at an advanced undergraduate level, assuming a basic knowledge of molecular biology and genetics but no knowledge of recombinant DNA technology or genomics.
When the recombinant DNA molecule is administered in vivo, a protective immune response is induced, thereby enhancing protection of the individual against subsequent infection by western equine encephalitis virus.
The NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) also approved second anti-AidS protocol, bringing to six the number of preliminary genetherapy trials against AIDS it has reviewed (SN: 6/12/93, p.
Interestingly, these two biologicals are being marketed by biotechnology companies but are not recombinant DNA products.
Significant advances in recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering have improved ways of introducing new genes into cells.
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