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good at remembering

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If the explanation we have offered for our results is correct, then the SRE benefits observed here (especially regarding the reduction in false recognition) would be expected to disappear in our MCI or AD patients, patients who should appeal to mainly implicit processing of information, given their well-known recollective deficits.
This is the same term Abhinavagupta uses when he describes recollective awareness (pratyavamarsa), suggesting that being aware and awake is connected to conversation; in conversation we become speaking subjects, aware of ourselves and others.
Assuming that presence is also and inevitably a transmission of absence, any writing aware of this nature of presence can only be recollective.
The experiments here reported primarily addressed the general question of how and to what amount momentous event memories differ from other personal event memories in subjective ratings of recollective experience qualities.
Memory, in other words, requires those whom Connerton (1989: 76) refers to as the "custodians of memory"--the agents charged with recollective performances--to chronicle happenings that create and maintain the communal memory.
1992, Recollective experience and recognition memory for threat in clinical anxiety states, Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 30, 109-112.
It provided a heady brew of good company, good conversation, pointed insight, vintage anecdote and fine Champagne--all of it too much for the recollective and reportorial capacities of an awed lawyer.
What underlies the deficit in reported recollective experience in old age?
Rather, I will explore the ways in which both her own process of writing and the recollective and creative processes she portrays--particularly in her depiction of Lily Briscoe in To the Lighthouse--involve an interaction of external or concrete with subjective elements paralleling that implied in the recollective process of Proust's narrator, and of a kind that--intentionally or otherwise--recalls the theories of consciousness and creativity developed by several of the philosophers I have mentioned.
Additionally, these three clauses (and the immediately preceding clause too) involve expressions taking their referential significance--call it deixis, if you like--from association with the immediate physical and spatial domain occupied (albeit with recollective realism) by the speaker, namely Pip.
The differences were attributed primarily to the recollective nature of the interview process; hunters were asked a question that pertained to a decade or more prior.
to remember is no longer primordial although my recollective experience
It incorporates insights from oral history, recollective memory, and the epistemology of testimony.
This divine relation differentiates the "living contact" of imagination from the "mere play of words and notions" that is the product of the recollective faculty of fancy, which remains bound by the mechanical law of association.