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Synonyms for recollection

Synonyms for recollection

the power of retaining and recalling past experience

an act or instance of remembering

Synonyms for recollection

the ability to recall past occurrences

the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort)

something recalled to the mind

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The clearest instance of what I mean is recollection of a past event.
Some cling to you in woebegone misery; others come back fiercely and weirdly, like ghouls bent upon sucking your strength away; others, again, have a catastrophic splendour; some are unvenerated recollections, as of spiteful wild-cats clawing at your agonized vitals; others are severe, like a visitation; and one or two rise up draped and mysterious, with an aspect of ominous menace.
After this singular introduction--in the course of which no names, to the best of Lady Glyde's recollection, had been mentioned--she was left alone with the stranger.
Her recollection of what happened to her the next morning was still more vague and unreliable.
exclaimed the trapper, tossing a hand into the air as his whole countenance lighted with the recollections the name revived.
The lip of the youth slightly curled, and he regarded the old man with an expression, which might easily have been construed into a declaration that such were not his own recollections of his venerable and revered ancestor, though it would seem he did not think it necessary to say as much in words.
Then all these recollections began to grow confused and got mixed in his head, and he fell asleep.
Most of it is hazy and indistinct, though here and there I have vivid recollections of things that happened.
We had experienced homesickness on our journey, the yearning for our own kind and land; and often had I had recollections of the Swift One, the young female who made soft sounds, whom it was good to be with, and who lived by herself nobody knew where.
He had certain recollections of racing in what he called "the good old times" when the Lecompte stables flourished, and he drew upon this fund of memories so that he might not be left out and seem wholly devoid of the modern spirit.
He told some amusing plantation experiences, recollections of old Iberville and his youth, when he hunted `possum in company with some friendly darky; thrashed the pecan trees, shot the grosbec, and roamed the woods and fields in mischievous idleness.
I think your majesty will have no need to apply to the police to know where my friends are, but that if you will deign to interrogate the cardinal he can reply without any further inquiry than into his own recollections.
Yes, madame, here I have a right to do so, for it concerns Monsieur d'Artagnan d'Artagnan," he repeated, in such a manner as to bow the regal brow with recollections of the weak and erring woman.
The face of the country, the climate as it was found by the whites, and the manners of the settlers, are described with a minuteness for which the author has no other apology than the force of his own recollections.
But the author indulged his recollections freely when he had fairly entered the door.