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Synonyms for recognized

generally approved or agreed upon

Synonyms for recognized

generally approved or compelling recognition

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provided with a secure reputation

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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has issued a comprehensive list of medical and dental colleges which it has recognized all over the country.
Propulsion Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB, is recognized for high-temperature superconductors.
In general, the attributes of a tax position are recognized only if the position is more likely than not to be sustained upon examination, including the appeal process and litigation.
The suspended loss created by the disappearing basis can be recognized only up to the amount of such gain.
To be recognized, each student receiving a framed Kiwanis Certificate of Award has gone through a grade-level teacher nomination and selection process.
Thus, the compensation cost to be recognized over the three year period is $300 (100 options x $3).
15, 1994), companies need to determine the available pool of excess tax benefits available for offset for any award exercises where the amount of the tax deduction is less than the compensation cost recognized for financial reporting purposes;
The proposed Interpretation was issued on July 14, 2005, to clarify when the tax benefits of uncertain tax positions should be recognized in the financial statements of an issuer.
Fell was recognized not only for her continuing service to ADAA and the dental assisting profession through the years, but for recent activities including presentations to the State Board of Dentists and Dental Hygienists that resulted in the acceptance of a new pathway of radiation safety certification for dental assistants; for her work toward developing an Associates degree recognizing a dental assistant education curriculum; and for her work with Ogden and Weber, UT, schools in presenting oral hygiene instruction and training those who will present instructions.
Award winners will be recognized in national media.
Indeed, as states clamor to pass measures banning recognition of out-of state marriage fights for gay couples, the portability of gay adoption is becoming more recognized.
Inductees are recognized at the Hall's annual banquet.
She clearly and understandably distills major research findings and philosophies, which help clarify what musical talent is, how it can be recognized and, once recognized, what can be done to develop the talent.
They want to show their appreciation for being recognized, affirmed and nurtured, and are therefore committed to recognizing, affirming and nurturing other employees' work," explains Lopez.
In Los Angeles, Evan Wolfson recognized that possibility.
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