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(law) a security entered into before a court with a condition to perform some act required by law

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The societies' own literature recognized the importance of recognizances however, and the constraints of the law.
A cursory examination of the 31 sessions from October 1700 to October 1709 in Westminster reveals at least 234 recognizances binding men for heterosexual offences such as lewd behaviour and/or presence in a brothel.
More significantly, the recognizances reveal that many of the men arrested were from the higher levels of society.
48) As sureties for suspected whores, or as defendants themselves, the men in the Westminster recognizances illustrate the restrictions placed upon them because of the reformers' actions against the brothels.
There are many recognizances which do not mention additional offences, and several (particularly those listed above) show efforts to include details which stress the sole importance of the sexual nature of the offence.
Aside from the recognizances which bind prostitutes' clients for attacking their arresting officers (to be discussed in more detail shortly), there are remarkably few recognizances against heterosexual men which combine charges of lewdness with non-sexual offences.