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(law) a security entered into before a court with a condition to perform some act required by law

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People throughout Colorado are released from jail immediately, according to state law, after a judge has granted them personal recognizance.
Proponents of releasing defendants on their own recognizance cite data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics that show more than 40 percent of all arrested felons in the nation's seventy-five largest counties receive an offer of bail.
Systematic sampling of the extant recognizances, indictments, and house of correction commitments shows that the justices of the peace enjoyed broad discretionary authority in the contrasting environments of rural Middlesex and urban Westminster.
He was also released on personal recognizance and his case was continued to May 16.
After a day and a half of live video testimony by the distraught 46-year-old singer, Giovanni (John) Palumbo, the accused, pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal harassment and one charge of breach of recognizance for being within 500 yards of Twain at the Juno Awards last March in Toronto.
24) When defendants did appear, they paid a small fee to the Quarter Sessions clerk, the recognizance was marked ven & exon (that the defendants 'came and were exonerated'), and they were free to go.
The inmate was released on his own recognizance, "probably because of his condition--though the record does not make this clear.
Patrick's night in a Department of Conservation and Recreation firetruck was released on personal recognizance at his arraignment Tuesday.
In a statement regarding Hilton's arrest, her lawyer David Chernoff said: "Paris Hilton was released this morning on her own recognizance," reports TMZ.
This article uses a previously ignored source: the recognizance, to show that prostitutes' clients were targeted in their campaigns.
He was arraigned and released on personal recognizance to appear May 28 for a pretrial hearing.
Lewis, who was arrested in December 2004 and released on his own recognizance the following March, was sentenced to 116 days in county jail and given credit for the time he already served.