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to a recognizable degree

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This is a great, well-made lager beer, recognizably a Bavarian-style Schwarzbier, but with a little extra American punch.
All of the favored candidates are recognizably Democrats, or are running against opponents who are recognizably Republicans.
The author/illustrator has given an appropriate pale brown background to her carefully drawn and beautiful pictures; many details are included, such as Mummy Bear's knitting and the furniture is all recognizably made from trees in the wood.
It is to be appreciated that North Korean IOC member Chang Ung recognizably tried to help PyeongChang's bid.
I've been told that the film's voluptuous costuming is recognizably accurate from the short-lived Later Tang Dynasty (923-936).
Prepare both musicians for the likelihood that they will need to play each shorter section multiple times before it meshes recognizably.
To the translators" credit, they respect and inventively recreate the colloquial, oral dimension of song, shout, and prayer: readers are always recognizably in the realm of the human voice, artfully "made strange," or stranger--in translation.
It was a bit syrupy for my taste at the time, but recognizably good in a pop kind of way.
Although the book was generously reviewed, and I have received far more enthusiastic phone calls, letters, and emails from readers than for any of my seven other books, I've had to face the fact that except for a handful from younger Monthly alumni, these messages came from no one recognizably under 35.
On the subject of power and impact, several companies have hired recognizably voiced actors to speak on behalf of automobiles' onboard navigation systems.
On the subject of power and impact, and not just the resonant sound of urine hitting paper steeped in copper chloride, several companies have hired recognizably voiced actors to speak on behalf of automobiles' onboard navigation systems.
McGinness's painting is more systematically harmonious, suggesting a reduction in subjective engagement with the paint, but he is no mechanical copyist; he has his own recognizably flamboyant touch, however much of an impersonal designer he would like to appear.
One cares for these birds, whose traits are both distinctive and recognizably human, enjoying them all the more thanks to Lonnen's enthusiastic, differentiated narration.
The folk dances finding their accompaniment to this music--the Hungarian czardas, the Polish mazurka, the German waltz, the Russian trepak, and even English Morris dancing--have a recognizably formalized shape.
Bloch also argues that Marie was responding to social and political changes brought about by Henry II's administration, which took the Anglo-Normans from a feudal age to recognizably modern forms of social, political, and economic organization.