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converting from one code to another

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We usually think of evolution using whatever it can to answer some challenges - so why was RNA recoding not used?
Audit PMSI coding, recoding of medical activity and revenue optimization.
Based on its expertise in providing targeted extracellular signals with high specificity for the regulation of microtubule dynamics and associated proteins like DCAMKL1, Histide has created an innovative platform of nonmutagenic extracellular therapeutic agents called Cell Recoding Molecules (CRMs) with the capacity to dictate the precise commitment of various cell types.
The company's Recoding Therapeutics solution is a new class of non-mutagenic extracellular technology.
1 shows the top 1024-point architecture of FFT processor, which is composed of control unit, address generate unit, twiddle factor angle generator, adaptive recoding CORDIC (ARC) based-butterfly unit, routing network, multiplexers (Mux) and memory banks.
The famous Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny finished recoding a new patriotic song called "Masryoun Bejad" (Egyptians For Real) for the Egyptian national celebration marking "October 6th.
As for recoding, Springer said OPM "carefully considered a variety of coding options," taking into account concerns that some donors identify charities by the existing four-digit codes.
In summary, public codes, private codes, and recoding procedures are not limited to the Internet, and must not be left solely to cryptographers.
Integration with existing Web pages or enterprise applications such as analytics libraries, business data and ERP applications, without recoding.
However, upgrading existing applications from single-row to multi-row requires an expensive manual recoding and testing process.
Past attempts to find assembly codes through genetically recoding the viruses never worked because the viruses are resistant to recoding the researchers discovered.
Summary: The Egyptian artist Ruby has decided to take some time off to finish recoding the songs for her new album
Arcangel's painstaking recoding of obsolete video-game cartridges--as virtuosic as the technique of any "painter's painter"--is often put to dubious ends, as in Super Slow Tetris, 2004, which is precisely what its title suggests.
ODO presents a major challenge to developers working on mainframe integration, because most integration solutions don't support ODO and REDEFINES, which are found in most copybooks, and require recoding or rewriting.
We witness a growing tautological equivalence between technological and administrative procedures of recoding (the digital artist as mixer of formerly distinct media through the uber-archive of the database; the curator as a kind of hip-hop sampler of artistic "statements" through the labyrinthine narrative of the mega-exhibition--and it was no coincidence that there were so many DJs in the current show).