reclining chair

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an armchair whose back can be lowered and foot can be raised to allow the sitter to recline in it

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They decided to use the money to buy a reclining chair at Dorothea Ward.
THREE new breast cancer scanners, a TV for every patient and reclining chairs so relatives can stay over are among the items on the Royal Liverpool Hospital's PS10m wishlist.
50; Lisel fish cushion, PS10; Lisel flatwoven rug (176 x 237cm), PS25; Lisel flatwoven rug (75 x 200cm), PS10; Vaken glasses, PS4 for four; Solfint mug, PS3 for four; Socker flower box with holder (51 x 19cm), PS10; Hamo reclining chair, PS15; Greno cushion, PS8, all Ikea
He said treatment he received for cancer of the oesophagus and prostate, as well as heart problems, left him "confused" and he unwittingly agreed to buy a motorised reclining chair from the cold-caller.
The creative advert says that after an initial consultation, the procedure "commences with a relaxing stint in a reclining chair for preoperative care, which includes topical anesthetics and eyelid holders to keep wandering sight orbs in place.
Choose from the RedLeaf service, where you can relax in your roomy, reclining chair and enjoy the commentary with a chilled meals served at your seat, as well as complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.
has introduced a new version of the popular HeelZup[TM] Heel Elevating Cushion, specifically designed for use on a reclining chair.
Subject protocols consisted of an 8-hour polysomnogram followed by 2-hour units during which the patients evaluated their subjective vigilance, provided salivary samples, had a free walk period, and then were confined to a reclining chair.
Applications include automated checkout stands, electronic doors, health and fitness machine adjustments, medical reclining chair and bed adjustments, assembly platforms, automotive, outboard motor tilting, and hatch operations on boats.
AN eight-year-old boy was crushed to death - by his disabled grandmother's reclining chair.
It's incredibly useful for working on your lap while seated on the floor or in a reclining chair or sprawled out on a bed.
Tenders are invited for Gas Filled Device For Reclining Mechanism Of Reclining Chair To Llh S J And T Drg.
Cagney the Lhasa <Bapso spent an uncomfortable hour wedged in a reclining chair before firefighters came to her rescue, taking half an hour to free her from the mechanism
Each of those will have its own TV and reclining chair for partners to stay overnight.
Shocked Carol, 74, was relaxing in a reclining chair at the time.