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Synonyms for recline


Synonyms for recline

to be or place oneself in a prostrate or recumbent position

to take repose, as by sleeping or lying quietly

Synonyms for recline

move the upper body backwards and down

lean in a comfortable resting position


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26% of Americans would recline their seat punitively if the passenger behind them was aggressive or rude.
4% of the more than 1550 respondents put the passenger who reclines their seat as their number one nightmare.
Knee Defender is a small plastic device that helps me protect myself by limiting how much the seat in front of me can recline.
With its innovative design, the HP Envy Recline is able to easily adapt and change its shape to naturally fit different end user uses.
HP today announced the HP ENVY Recline All-in-One PC series, offering the best, most immersive touch experience available on an All-in-One PC.
Wilcare, the Vale of Glamorgan-based manufacturer of bespoke powered rise and recline chairs, has reported a 25% sales increase in the first half of 2013 compared with the same period last year.
Why then is the unreasonable passenger in front allowed to recline their seat, taking away eight or nine inches of your space?
COMMON COURTESY: Most air passengers say they don't fully recline their seats and some ask permission before reclining so as not to inconvenience the passenger behind them, according to a survey by Expedia.
TAM says that its seats recline 180 degrees to a completely flat position, as do seats on American and on Varig.
Motion Concepts designs and manufactures power tilt and recline systems for power wheelchairs.
The study also noted that although some vehicle owner's manuals warn of the dangers of reclined seat backs in moving vehicles, the warnings do not state specifically what degree of recline is dangerous.
The up-to-date study looks at the cabin configuration and provides all relevant details about the seats now available, including pitch and width, the extent of recline, and other design features.
A dark-eyed girl draws gleaming candles, floating on a pool of inky water, toward her by apparent force of will; a robed rider bearing a Don Quixote staff suddenly appears above her on his dark steed, then vanishes; two women in flowing harem pants and veils recline voluptuously on the backs of their spectacularly frizzy-maned horses, then suddenly stand with nonchalant ease atop the same galloping mounts; the robed rider chases his huge black horse across the water, then suddenly flees in the opposite direction as the horse chases him.