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classifying something again (usually in a new category)

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Despite the fact that it took effect in 2000, the Reclassification Rule was not challenged in court until 2013.
Multivariate analysis of the modified cohort, following the removal of 12 patients with intermediate- or high-risk characteristics, revealed similar findings, except that clinical stage was no longer associated with reclassification at the time of second surveillance biopsy (Table 4).
This accounting standard update deferred the requirement for entities to present reclassification adjustments out of accumulated other comprehensive income (AOCI) by component in both the statement in which net income is presented and the statement in which OCI is presented (for both interim and annual financial statements).
Estimates suggest that the reclassification is likely to bring anywhere between $300 million to $4 billion worth of foreign inflow to the two markets.
As there are no changes to the country constituents of the Mena region, the reclassification will have no effect on the Baring MENA Fund.
If reclassification is granted, we [will] have to pay P27 excise tax next year while Marlboro, the most popular premium brand in the market, pays only P17 per pack," the BAT chief said.
In August, the Army Ordnance School instructors also taught reclassification classes for repairers at Fort Carson, Colorado, and Fort Riley, Kansas.
The city council approved the land reclassification without a proper environmental impact study, the women religious said.
The proposed reclassification indicates the density of the shipment along with the regulated status of the shipment that will govern the classification.
The reclassification amendment allows entities to reclassify particular financial instruments out of the "at fair value through profit or loss" category in specific circumstances.
Here is an opportunity that offers some great benefits to staff sergeants eligible for reclassification to the 25E Electronic Spectrum Manager military occupational specialty.
McLAREN yesterday called for a reclassification of the Formula One world championship that would see Lewis Hamilton handed the title.
The official implementation date of the reclassification is Sept 1.
Park also chastised the department for touting a dramatic drop in crime without explaining how the reclassification of domestic-violence cases impacted the figures.
HOME Secretary Charles Clarke is expected to rule out another reclassification of cannabis today despite fresh fears about the drug's side-effects.