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delivered from danger


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For maximum impact, I'd recommend introducing a reclaimed dining or bedroom set into your home.
RECLAIMED SIDE/STORAGE Reclaimed side/storage unit with drawers and cupboard storage
If you are not lucky enough to have the warm, natural textures synonymous with reclavimed furniture as original features - such as wooden floor boards or a metal fireplace - already within your home, then bringing in a simple reclaimed piece of furniture can really help to inject that natural, inviting character into your interior scheme.
Summary of Reclaimed Water's Uniquely Crafted Regulatory Structure
Invitation to Bid: Lake olympia neighborhoods reclaimed water retrofit project
With infrastructure, wastewater and reclaimed water being hot button topics in Austin, TX, the city recently entered the latest $5 million phase of an infrastructure project aiming to allow the city to use more reclaimed water.
The area of reclaimed land in 2014/2015 contracted 14,500 feddans, down from 22,600 in 2012/2013, representing a decline of 35.
When I saw the photo, a giclee print with a scene of the lighthouse just before sunset and with a flock of gulls overhead, I knew just the kind of frame I wanted: a rustic, reclaimed, or driftwood frame with natural tones to complement the tones in the beachscape.
Key statement: A method of functionalizing reclaimed elastomer material is described.
Weathered, salvaged or reclaimed - these wooden furnishings are great pieces to give you a modern rustic look.
With so much work being done to prove and establish beneficial uses of used metalcasting sand, you might have wondered if reclaimed sand could be used in the fracking industry.
com)-- Reclaimed DesignWorks, a leading provider of antique hardwood flooring and other reclaimed wood products, has hired Dan O'Neill to be its National Sales Director, responsible for growing the company's national footprint in both commercial and residential sales.
Muscat: A researcher at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) advocates maximising the use of reclaimed water or tertiary treated wastewater for farming seasonal crops, especially in the northern region of Oman.
Summary: Muscat: A study on maximising the use of reclaimed water or tertiary-treated wastewater for farming .
The 100 Best Projects With Reclaimed Materials packs in color photos to illustrate some 100 of the best design projects using reclaimed materials, and is a pick for any arts collection strong in architecture.