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Synonyms for reckon

Synonyms for reckon

to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to ascertain by mathematics

to calculate approximately

to look upon in a particular way

to take for granted without proof

reckon on: to place trust or confidence in

Synonyms for reckon

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We look forward to welcoming Eric and his team into the Reckon family.
HOME ADVANTAGE Stopper Tinnerholm " And assistant manager Olof Persson reckons Celtic are no better than Salzburg, who Malmo defeated in an epic 3-2 comeback after losing the first leg 2-0.
Many fans will reckon we should have put a third category in here saying 'None of them'.
They reckon they can do it while keeping all their green commitments.
They reckon he's lookin' forra big 'owse in Owton Manor.
I reckon she's winding me up just to get me to kick the habit.
I was shattered to realize that the good of our history was flawed, simply because, in general, it had failed to reckon with the evil within.
Review Gary reckons capital is the place for great grub PAGES 06&07 Food Hardeep in praise of the humble crumble PAGE 06 Interiors Our Robyn on how to make your garden glow PAGE 43 Life Libby reckons there's a fine line between good and evil PAGE 03 Books Shari Low loves twists and turns in latest novel by Doug Johnstone PAGE 13
HEARTS winger Suso Santana reckons his first year in Scottish football has been a wonderful education.
Byline: Matt Williams reckons Kingaroo will be found out going back up to 1m
Kerry McFadden reckons you can be addicted to tattoos.
I think the character represents the part of Lars von Trier that Lars von Trier hates of himself,'' reckons Bettany, phoning from Toronto where his wife is shooting a horror movie and he's baby-sitting their 7-month-old son.
A BE BE BE BE BEAU AU AU AU AU AUTY TY TY TY TY TY TY s l al al al alon on on on in To To k yko reckons A BEAUTY salon in Toyko reckons clients can roll back the years by putting snails on their faces.
MICHALIS SIFAKIS reckons Greece's sheer will to win can help spring the biggest shock of the tournament tonight.
N-DUBZ rapper FAZER, 23, reckons he stays pretty cool - until he met TAKE THAT's GARY BARLOW.