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Well, being the night-born, I reckon I was their rightful heir.
I had one husband, only--him I call the Ox; and I reckon he's still down in Juneau running the hash-joint.
ANTON TINNERHOLM reckons there's nothing between Malmo and Celtic in the battle for the Champions League.
Slade reckons Cardiff weren't shopping at Harrods any more when he took over the transfer purse strings and was true to his word as he moved for players from Rotherham, Millwall and Huddersfield.
This newspaper reckons the PM and his deputy have about as much chance of delivering this as a disused power station.
Jose Enrique reckons Swansea could suffer a backlash from pent-up striker Luis Suarez.
MICHALIS SIFAKIS reckons Greece's sheer will to win can help spring the biggest shock of the tournament tonight.
Summary: He has got his own skateboard clothing line, but when it comes to fashion Lil Wayne reckons Kanye West is far more stylish.
JOZY ALTIDORE reckons his time in the enemy's lair will help the USA shock England in their opening World Cup clash.
Byline: Matt Williams reckons Blazing Bailey is the each-way value against Punchestowns
So he reckons he can only help Rae by chaining her up.
An' she reckons I dropped meself right in the clag last week saying as how yer could see the Hairy Lemon from the scene of the crime an' that.
Q I'VE been smoking more because I'm stressed out at work and my wife reckons that's why I'm getting impotent.
DaimlerChrysler reckons the seven-slot grille on the rugged military- based Hummer is the same as the trademarked ones that feature on all Jeeps.
She realized as early as 1946 that it is only when one reckons with the evil within oneself that one can forgive others.