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Synonyms for reckoner

an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)

a handbook of tables used to facilitate computation

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The Maharashtra government has gone in for an average 15 per cent hike in ready reckoner rates.
The bulk of the book, originally published as The Racing Ready Reckoner by Sharpe and Steve Frater in 1994, consists of tables allowing ready calculation of a myriad of bets, while betting glossaries and bookmakers' rules are supplied.
For a free guide explaining redundancy and a payment ready reckoner, call 0800 544644.
The agency's Ready Reckoner explains how much landlords lose if they refuse to budge.
The sheet gives a brief outline of the reform, a ready reckoner, information for cash takers and qualifying CO2 emission levels.
He told the Commons Treasury Select Committee that the projections contained in the Bank's quarterly report were "not a ready reckoner," and he warned that raising rates too early could "plunge the economy into unnecessary recession.
At the vanishing point where the mullah who fed his master's gold bird gives way to the Sand Reckoner sifting grains of light lip service is paid to the names once strange to us--problems of navigation that leave us all in the dark.
1 Digital Agency in India by The Agency Reckoner 2014, an annual independent survey conducted by The Economic Times Brand Equity, a premium weekly trade supplement.
According to Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Vijay Dev, the EC decided to prepare a list of each item used during the election process and fix their rates to serve as a ready- reckoner to help calculate expenditure.
He applied the provisions of section 50-C of the income-tax law and treated the stamp duty ready reckoner value as the sale price to assess the capital gains.
So, here's my ready reckoner for girls such as Megan Fox (above).
CSIRO will lead the project to develop two recharge reckoner tools and associated manuals, which will enable water managers to determine the recharge rates that contribute to regional water balances for more equitable water sharing of groundwater resources.
I doubt that Mr Wilson has ever run a proper business or has a ready reckoner of the values of media exposure.
For a free statutory redundancy ready reckoner, call 0800 544644.
A READY reckoner for people who want to be in ``calorie credit'' after the festive season has been launched.