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Synonyms for reckon

Synonyms for reckon

to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to ascertain by mathematics

to calculate approximately

to look upon in a particular way

to take for granted without proof

reckon on: to place trust or confidence in

Synonyms for reckon

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Cardiff fans reckon Connolly rarely played poorly, when given his opportunities.
Now she reckons Mallon's had that big bobbie trick cyclist Cracker in on the job using his fender profiler an he's narra'd it down ter one suspect.
SmartVault Founder and CEO, Eric Pulaski, said: I am convinced that this acquisition and the synergies between Reckon and SmartVault will increase SmartVaults value for our customers and our employees.
As Reckon Accounts is an SQL based product, third party integration with other software is easy.
Around half of you reckon Cardiff will be firmly in the mix for promotion next season, with at least a top six spot that would guarantee a play-off place.
I reckon she chose him because he fawned over her, telling her she was the new Princess Diana.
Byline: Matt Williams reckons Kingaroo will be found out going back up to 1m
A third consider speeding acceptable if there is an emergency, 21% reckon it is all right if there is little traffic about.
They reckon the 18-year-old from Cardiff is being lined up for what could be the long-running show's final Christmas Day edition.
I was shattered to realize that the good of our history was flawed, simply because, in general, it had failed to reckon with the evil within.
Entry level product: Reckon Accounts Easy Start Entry level license cost: $199 for Reckon Accounts Easy Start for Small Business.
We have a lot of whippets back in Ireland and obviously the indigenous boys are very quick and skilful, so I reckon that'd make for a very good game.
Reckon has started its newly-named Reckon Accounts personal range of software.
I'M told DAMAGE's assault on the charts is going ahead - and they reckon they'll overtake JLS because they think they copied them.
Nearly three in four reckon the indulgence of having breakfast in bed is on its way out, a survey by hotel chain Travelodge found.