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someone who recites from memory

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Through this, the reciter can recite the Holy Quran according to the way of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) who received it from Jibreel, who received it from Almighty Allah in the classical Arabic language.
From among those who carry the Qur'an (fa-min hamalati-l-Qur'an), there is [the one] who expresses himself in an accurate way (al-mu'ribu), is acquainted with the different aspects of i'rab ('alimun bi-wujuh aldrab) and modes of recitation, is familiar with the different dialects as well as with the meanings of the words--such a reciter is also aware of the flaws of recitations (al-basiru bi-'aybi-l-qira'at) and is able to review the existing sources (al-muntaqidu lil-athar); such a person is the Imam with whom the scholars of the Qur'an (huffazul-Qudan) can seek a scholarly asylum, in every region of the Muslim world.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh honoured noted Qur'an teacher and reciter Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali at a colourful ceremony on recently.
et que c'est un passionne de lettres classiques : il pourrait reciter des vers entiers de poemes mythologiques (hum, des temoins ?
Dancer Cerian Phillips, Carmarthen, reciter Glesni Euros, Swansea, actress Ceri Wyn, London and singer Rachel Lee Stephens, Carmarthen were the other winners.
While Mohamed cherished the dream of becoming a professional reciter like Sheikh el-Hossari or Sheikh el-Menshawi, whom he listens to on theradio, his sister never thought of the idea.
Yasmin al-Khayam, Egypt's singer turned preacher who stirred controversy in the 1980s for joining the singing industry despite being daughter of a famous Quranic reciter, said she received an invite to attend Obama's speech.
A dirk is then unsheathed and the reciter stabs the haggis, after which it is toasted with a dram of whisky.
Mako made his Broadway debut in one of Sondheim's tuners, 1976's "Pacific Overtures," earning a Tony nomination for his perf as the Reciter.
The reciter, for this performance Holmfirth-based Barry Russell, converses with them - it's a great opportunity for Barry to let his vocal chords run riot .
We talk about the place of Qur'anic sound in everyday life, about its centrality to devotional practices, about the tremendous skills, education, and status that a reciter possesses, and about the gendered aspects of recitation, both social and linguistic.
Learning to play the violin at PS 133 in New York City while attending Hebrew school, Stein took the first stop in his journey to becoming a cantor - the reciter and chanter-singer of Jewish liturgy in a synagogue.
For poetry lovers, the famous reciter Bronwen Morgan, from Bwlchllan, will perform.
He suggests that the play would lend itself best to a medieval staging, with a single reciter and the other actors miming the play's action.
Musicians, dervishes, the Shaikh of the Ceremony, the Qur'an reciter, and the Master of Dance process slowly onto the stage and, after a long improvisational flute solo, do four movements (selams) of spinning.