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a vocal passage of narrative text that a singer delivers with natural rhythms of speech

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Another interesting feature of two of these chorale settings involves the inclusion of short recitatives interpolated between the hymn verses in Christus, der ist mein Leben, and Jesu, meine Freude, which, along with the solo movements in the style of arias, certainly contribute to the cantata-like nature of these chorale settings.
The tenor was Stuart Jackson, intensely rhetorical in his opening "Comfort ye" recitative and capable throughout of unleashing monuments of drama, such as his aggressive enunciation of key words such as "break" and "dash" in his final air, "Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron".
But in Part 2, he grows more dramatic, more of the storyteller, with his recitatives leading up to Peter's denial and the great alto aria,"Erbarme dich," becoming very emotional and expressive.
Yet for all the seeming quiet and restraint of Recitative (which is only to say its supreme order, its clear plan and implementation), the work is ebullient, though hardly liberating in any cathartic way.
Part I of Messiah foretells the coming of the Lord; from the opening recitative "Comfort ye my people.
The monotone liturgical recitative is a release from normal social relations; there is no need to think of one's next remark, no need to conceal one's true nature, no need to smile.
Much of the linking narrative is presented as recitative, while the cumulative desperation of the heroine is virtually Wagnerian.
In November 1999, she gave the world premiere of a newly-discovered Mozart recitative, televised by Channel 4.
The long recitative passages, although beautifully sung by golden-throated City Opera principals, slow the pace.
And in contrast to Krieger's soaring tunes (beautifully orchestrated by veteran Harold Wheeler), Russell's predictable rhymes and earthbound recitative have a blandly sincere, Up With People quality to them.
It was presented by its author Davenant who described it as `A Representation by the Art of the Prospective in Scenes and the Story Sung in Recitative Musick'.
The first half, performed before the sermon, consists of a chorus, followed by a recitative and aria with a concluding chorale.
Gauvin's poignant treatment of the recitative is especially memorable) and "Misera dove son
Interesting performance decisions that came off very well included the pizzicato cello and bass in the alto recitative "They shall be brought to pass" and the beautifully executed solo violin obbligato in the soprano air "If God be for us".
Nobody in the music-loving elites of London and Vienna could have missed the meaning of the angel Uriel's final recitative to humanity's first couple, which translates to: "O happy pair, and always happy yet, if not, misled by false conceit, yet strive at more, as granted is, and more to know, as know ye should