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Synonyms for recitation

Synonyms for recitation

written matter that is recited from memory

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a public instance of reciting or repeating (from memory) something prepared in advance

a regularly scheduled session as part of a course of study

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We talk about the place of Qur'anic sound in everyday life, about its centrality to devotional practices, about the tremendous skills, education, and status that a reciter possesses, and about the gendered aspects of recitation, both social and linguistic.
They also learn about the complex rules of Qur'anic recitation, and about the place of the Qur'an in everyday life.
They have a sense of the way in which recitation as a religious medium carries, enacts, and embodies belief, and most, I believe, develop some awareness that Muslim epistemologies are complex in ways they do not fully understand.
Specifically it reviews the results of classroom experience where students encounter Islam through oral recitations of the Qur'an in Arabic.
The Bush administration joined with lawyers for the Elk Grove school district in offering a number of arguments in support of the policy of requiting teacher-led, daily recitation of the Pledge.
It contains two sections, the first stating the First Amendment shall not be interpreted to "prohibit the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" and the second permitting the "recitation or use of the national-motto, which shall be, `In God we trust.
103) states, "Nothing in the first amendment to this Constitution shall be construed to prohibit the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.
US Congress, came in response to a lawsuit filed by Michael Newdow, a California atheist who argued that the rights of his 8-year-old daughter were violated by school-sponsored recitation of a flag pledge that includes religious language.
Recitation years 1 & 2 1 Mererid Lloyd Jones, Abergele.
Recitation Years 7 to 9: Beca Williams, Pandy Tudur.
Recitation 15 - 21: Steffan Rhys Hughes, Llangwyfan.
7-10: 1 Mared Fflur Jones, Dolgellau Cerdd Dant Choir or Party under 15 yrs: 1 Parti Bach, Llanuwchllyn Cerdd Dant Open Solo: 1 Bethany Celyn, Dinbych Entry Year Recitation: 1 Derbyn Lowri Jarman Pre School Recitation: 1Cadi Williams, Llanuwchllyn Recitation Solo Yrs 1 & 2: 1 Casi Elin Roberts, Llanuwchllyn Recitation Solo Yrs.
RESULTS: Unison party, primary school: 1 Ysgol Penrhyncoch Recitation party primary school: 1 Ysgol Gynradd Tregaron Primary school choir: 1 Ysgol Pontrhydfendigaid Dialogue, primary school: 1 Ysgol Felinfach Dialogue, secondary school: 1 John, Meleri a Carys, Ysgol Uwchradd Tregaron Instrumental solo year 9 and under: 1.
Piano 12-16: 1 William Roberts, Llannefydd Childfren''s Party under 16: 1 Ysgol Clocaenog Singing solo 15-21: 1 William Roberts, Llanefydd Singing solo 21-30: 1 Heulen Cynfal, Bala Chief solo: 1 Heulen Cynfal, Bala Singing solo over 60: 1 Gwyn Jones, Abergele Recitation under 5: 1 Siwan Fflur Rees, Clocaenog Recitation years 1 & 2: 1 Erin Jones, Glanrafon Recitation years 3 & 4: 1 Aled Williams, Llanefydd Recitation years 5 & 6: 1 Lois Gwynnedd, Glanrafon Recitation years 7-9: 1 Tesni Jones Llanelwy Recitation party under 16: 1 Ysgol Clocaenog Recitation 21-30: 1 Heulen Cynfal, Bala Chief recitation: Heulen Cynfal, Bala Sentence: Nia Owen, Talsarnau Cerdd: Gwynnedd Jones Rhuthun