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The company then branched out into the biomedical industry, building and designing recirculation systems for hospitals and universities that hold aquaculture organisms for genetic research, he adds.
Hardened all-metal recirculation deflectors are blended to match the thick-walled nut surface for easy installation without special preparation.
When patients complain of recurrent sinusitis following endoscopic sinus surgery, the recirculation phenomenon in the maxillary sinus may be the cause.
On finding cracks in six places in the recirculation pipes, the company removed the cracked segments and replaced them with new pipes, company officials said.
Air recirculation ovens depend upon being able to transfer the heat load held within the recirculated air to the component and hence the recirculation system is the heart of the oven.
Closed-loop recirculation can handle higher volumes of wastewater and also accommodate production growth.
MMC) said Tuesday it will recall two truck models and a minibus to fix for free their exhaust-gas recirculation and ''braking-assist'' systems designed to shorten the braking distance.
This increase appears to have been achieved without increasing venous pressures, raising the possibility that increased recirculation might be occurring.
In the analysis that follows, we consider the steady-state case of continuous recirculation of the polarized gas.
Another way to keep Jack Frost at bay while minimizing pollution and energy use is to install a hot water recirculation pump.
The scientists discovered that using a combination of sedimentation ponds, treatment ponds containing beds of oysters and marine plants, and partial recirculation reduced the nutrient load in the discharge water by 75%.
Thus, says the manufacturer, the MicroCompounder mimics the mixing behavior of large twin-screw compounding machines while offering precise control of mixing temperature and speed--its recirculation channel allowing indefinite recirculation of stock through the compounding section, yielding intensive mixing with very small amounts of material.
However, Pointon also identifies art with material culture and connects the circulation and recirculation of art to the realm of everyday meaning.
Eight years later, the technique known as leachate recirculation has demonstrated regulatory, financial, and operational success.