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mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges

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Similarly, TECO has appealed to the Philippine government to extend the visa-free reciprocity to Taiwanese nationals visiting the country.
I urge my congressman, Peter Roskam, and others in the Illinois delegation to vote no on any bill containing Concealed Carry Reciprocity.
And this commitment we make with no conditions for reciprocity but driven by our desire for deeper regional integration," he further stressed.
Soka University researcher Isamu Okada and his collaborators Tatsuya Sasaki (University of Vienna) and Yutaka Nakai (Shibaura Institute of Technology) have found that the solidarity of philanthropism and reciprocity is necessary to maintain cooperative societies.
The Manitoba Driver and Vehicles Act requires certain vehicles used for commercial purposes to be registered or permitted for use in Manitoba on the first day of operation in the province, unless registration reciprocity is provided by agreement or regulation.
The intent of EVMS reciprocity is to create an established, universally applicable set of standards for use in conducting reviews across the government.
During the time the issue of reciprocity was before the Board of Governors as part of the Vision 2016 Commission study, I was appointed as the chair of one of the four study groups under Vision 2016 known as the Bar Admissions Subgroup.
The MEA would like to clarify that on 26 March, 2016, before the visit of the JIT, the Indian High Commission formally conveyed to the Pakistani Foreign Ministry that the Terms of Reference 'are broadly agreed to with the proviso that these would be on the basis of reciprocity and followed in accordance with extant legal provisions.
In selfish people, the empathy but not the reciprocity motive increased the number of altruistic decisions.
The study focuses on our learning about reciprocity in large part because of the difficulties we have experienced internalizing it, practicing it authentically, and helping students understand its complexities.
The statewide reciprocity program, titled "My Y, Your Y", provides Y members with access to over 50 participating YMCAs throughout New Jersey.
Building on an emerging thread of research that examines the potential role of reciprocity in such encounters, this study examines how reciprocity, as a key ingredient of online communities, might stimulate audiences' consumption and creation of content, including news content.
Prozanski introduced a successful amendment that would require that the state only grant reciprocity to licensees from states with standards that at least equal to Oregon's requirements.
Many states have reciprocity arrangements that let incoming residents use LTC Partnership policies from other states to get Partnership rights.
The Reciprocity Advantage: A New Way to Partner for Innovation and Growth