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Synonyms for reciprocatory

given or done or owed to each other

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moving alternately backward and forward

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On what is essentially a reciprocatory visit, Wen's trip may witness a nuanced shift in China's approach over Kashmir -- an issue that has emerged as a bone of contention between the two sides since 2008.
When Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza, taking the settlers with it, there should have been a reciprocatory push for peace from the Palestinians.
The fretting experiments were carried out on candidate biometallic alloys against bearing steel at 10N normal load for 10,000 cycles with relative displacement stroke between the flat and ball set to 80 [micro]m and the frequency 10 Hz, on a fretting (low amplitude reciprocatory tangential sliding) wear tester.
Bundinski (9) investigated the abrasive wear resistance of commercially pure titanium and age hardenable Ti-6Al-4V alloys using a reciprocatory pin on disc plate wear tester.
Agreement to the compromise suggested by Australia at the seabed negotiations offered Indonesia the opportunity to make a pragmatic reciprocatory gesture for accumulated Australian `goodwill'.
Tenders are invited for The Equipment Should Be Designed To Perform Linear Reciprocatory Wear Studies With Online Coefficient Of Friction Measurements With Pin On Disc Ball On Disc And Cylinder On Inside Of Half