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Synonyms for reciprocate



Synonyms for reciprocate

to give or take mutually

to return like for like, especially to return an unfriendly or hostile action with a similar one

Words related to reciprocate

act, feel, or give mutually or in return

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alternate the direction of motion of

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We notice that the payoffs achieved by the three types are not too dissimilar, with opportunists earning marginally less than myopic best responders and reciprocators.
This heightened media coverage can thus cause reciprocator taxpayers to develop the perception that the government is focused on preventing tax noncompliance.
On one hand, these findings partially confirm our speculation vis-a-vis the role of risk taking: reciprocators were not necessarily cooperators under conditions of uncertainty, as some of them chose to cooperate because they could bear a high risk in anticipating the counterpart's goodwill.
Scavenger hunt - first place: Elm Hill Gang, consisting of Robert Wilson, Jan Wilson, Alina Czajka, Tiffany Doherty, and Nikolas Czajka; second place: Two Old Hens & a Baby Chick, consisting of Barbara Wilson, Maddie Swanson and Delaney Giguere; third place, Clancy Team, consisting of Barbara Clancy, Bill Clancy, Jeanie Clancy, Sandy Clancy and Samantha Clancy; fourth place: The ReCiprocators, consisting of Jennifer Cipro, Christopher Cipro, Spencer Cipro, and Sumner Cipro.
Bardsley and Moffatt (2007) use data from a unique variation on the VCM to estimate a mixture model to distinguish altruists from reciprocators.
Consistent with this view, we speculate that those who are employed and capable of income-generation or financial contribution are judged to be of higher social value and embraced by society; while disabled people who are unemployed or poor reciprocators are socially excluded.
The company had also boosted its powder coating line by installing a high-quality powder booth and by adding guns and reciprocators, which together will help improve quality, maximize production and reduce downtime.
They find that the individual-level merits renewed attention: Studies show that people "behave as reciprocators and engage in positive assortment" (p.
Reciprocators respond to a low (high) wage offer at the first stage by lowering (increasing) their second stage offer.
Automated reciprocators for high-volume production of FRP sheet products.
Mathematical models of mixed societies filled with cooperators, reciprocators and free-riders do not work, unfortunately.
Our product line includes ladles, reciprocators, extractors, spray equipment, and Fill decoring equipment.
AXELROD, supra note 11, at 23 (finding, by using a genetic algorithm's ability to select successful behaviors over time, that "[a]s the reciprocators do well, they spread in the population, resulting in more and more cooperation and greater and greater effectiveness"); see also Randal C.
It's been said that women are the great reciprocators.
In a few cases, information alone may be effective; in other cases, playing on our evolutionary history as social reciprocators may help.