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Synonyms for reciprocate



Synonyms for reciprocate

to give or take mutually

to return like for like, especially to return an unfriendly or hostile action with a similar one

Words related to reciprocate

act, feel, or give mutually or in return

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alternate the direction of motion of

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In the context of the network formation game, a reciprocator is an agent who always proposes a link to those from whom a link proposal has been received in the previous round; an opportunist is someone who attempts to link to those with a large number of connections, thereby aiming to obtain the largest indirect benefit by free-riding on the costly direct links established by others (see Seabright 2004, 5).
In addition to generating specific examples, collateral tax sanctions can also apply to members of a reciprocator taxpayer's peer group.
On the down side, the turbo expander costs twice as much as a reciprocator and it is more susceptible to damage from impurities or operator error.
The reciprocity theory, in contrast, sees individuals as moral and emotional reciprocators.
26) Whether reciprocity is advantageous to individuals depends sensitively on the proportion of other individuals who use reciprocity and on an individual's capacity to judge the likely frequency of reciprocators in any particular situation and over time.
Similarly, studies in which SCI subjects used FES with an RGO, the step length was significantly increased with decoupled reciprocator but at the expense of significant forward trunk lean [41].
The machine then extracted the casting from the die, and an auxiliary axis servo spray reciprocator then simulated spraying die lubricant into the die.
The effects of different gun types from the various equipment manufacturers was not investigated, nor was the stroke length for the reciprocator investigated.
The 410 reciprocator or ABB robot can be customized with a manifold designed to incorporate one of the many Rimrock nozzles.
Several automatic machines are used for this process, including reciprocator (horizontal and vertical), rotary, carousel, and robotic spray machines.
The internal bores of cylindrical components are blasted with a pneumatic reciprocator attached to a blasting nozzle.
The guns are reportedly ideal for robotic, reciprocator, rotary and hand use applications.
The other modules in the control system are gun controller, short stroke reciprocator controller, reciprocator position controller, gap and height controller, long stroke reciprocator controller, and powder level control and Genius function.
The company's |E50' electronic reciprocator has a self contained control system which enables the unit to be operated independently or through a remote control console.
Powder reciprocator control has been redesigned, as has the powder injector.