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Synonyms for reciprocate



Synonyms for reciprocate

to give or take mutually

to return like for like, especially to return an unfriendly or hostile action with a similar one

Words related to reciprocate

act, feel, or give mutually or in return

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alternate the direction of motion of

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Similarly, studies in which SCI subjects used FES with an RGO, the step length was significantly increased with decoupled reciprocator but at the expense of significant forward trunk lean [41].
They find evidence of altruists, reciprocators, and other types in their subject population.
The company had also boosted its powder coating line by installing a high-quality powder booth and by adding guns and reciprocators, which together will help improve quality, maximize production and reduce downtime.
They find that the individual-level merits renewed attention: Studies show that people "behave as reciprocators and engage in positive assortment" (p.
Reciprocators respond to a low (high) wage offer at the first stage by lowering (increasing) their second stage offer.
Automated reciprocators for high-volume production of FRP sheet products.
Mathematical models of mixed societies filled with cooperators, reciprocators and free-riders do not work, unfortunately.
In a few cases, information alone may be effective; in other cases, playing on our evolutionary history as social reciprocators may help.
behave like moral and emotional reciprocators rather than mere wealth
367, 368-69 (2002) (arguing that, as moral and emotional reciprocators, people conform their actions and attitudes to reflect what they believe to be the behavior of others around them).
These built-in impulses include generosity; gratitude, with concomitant sense of obligation; empathy for and trust in reliable reciprocators, also known as friends.
Reciprocators then eliminate exploiters and "generous" tit-fot-tat takes over.
The modular cabinet style design accommodates up to eight automatic gun controllers and an optional axis controller for easy operation of both reciprocators and in/out positioners.
Our product line includes ladles, reciprocators, extractors, spray equipment, and Fill decoring equipment.
Used with robotic applicators or reciprocators, this version of the DUX gun is mounted directly to automated spray equipment.