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Synonyms for reciprocation

Synonyms for reciprocation

the act of making or doing something in return

alternating back-and-forth movement

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Pierre Bourdieu shows that honor is earned through material sacrifices and describes some of the rules of reciprocation insightfully.
Once we have used communication and reciprocation to gain the person's minor commitment, he or she will more easily move to a deeper commitment to be consistent.
External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said India had the "anxiety" of improving relations with Pakistan and there should be a sincere reciprocation from the other side which continues to have a "selective" approach towards tackling terrorism, reported PTI.
Words evolved for communication, Words expect reciprocation.
Revamping of the (a) reciprocation (cycle) and time laboratory, (b) supply of instruments for the Polymers Laboratory.
There was an understanding between North East Commercial and TBP previously that led to reciprocation and referral work but the relationship has now been made more robust owing to Michael's links with both Richard Fenwick and Richard Finney.
He then gives strategies and styles of patterns of conflict resolution, including reciprocation, cohesion, substitution, alliance, avoidance, and assimilation.
Reciprocation appeals in the Pontin's Family Holidays Maiden Stakes on the same card.
Findings reveal commitment to IT instruction, value of human interaction, new understanding of reciprocation, and the significance of an intrinsic motivation for volunteerism.
This reciprocation is embedded in both themes and visual styles, and, once more, the fruitful exchange of ideas between Britain and France in the construction of artistic movements--here, Impressionism and symbolism--is insisted on.
Over the years, the university has been able to share Antelope Valley College classrooms, but the Field Act provisions blocked reciprocation.
Also, he may be feeling that his own guilt is now assuaged in some kind of titfortat reciprocation and is strangely relieved amid all the shock and hurt.
It is not asking too much that there be some reciprocation on the part of the US authorities.
In reciprocation, American Airlines will allow the Turkish carrier to place its code on domestic flights within the USA beyond Turkish Airlines' gateway cities of New York Kennedy, Chicago and Miami.
In reciprocation for the above, World Vision will allow Freeserve access to its active supporter database, which includes some 100,000 members through an introductory letter sent to World Vision donators explaining how to access the agency through Freeserve.