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Synonyms for reciprocally

(often followed by 'for') in exchange or in reciprocation


in a mutual or shared manner


in an inverse or contrary manner


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A full-service media buying, marketing and creative agency, Tower Digital, plans to provide the Sellect platform to qualified advertisers, and reciprocally, offer marketing services to existing Sellect clients.
Reciprocally, Sofia is asked to name a street after late Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski as a symbol of the long-term collaboration between the two countries.
FCCI Senior Vice President Nadeem Allahwala said reduction in patrol prices will reciprocally help in decrease fares of transportation and the traders will have to pay less fare presently as compared to the past.
Soon after Pope Francis saluted ceremonial soldiers, delegations of the two countries were introduced reciprocally by Pope and Erdoy-an.
The Minister said that political situations are ephemeral and that the Kingdom laments Iranian offenses against Bahrain, pointing out that Bahrain has never issued a statement someday in anticipation of response from Iran, adding that we responded in self-defence only, we will appreciate them if they treat us reciprocally.
Reciprocally, the US, which has already yielded on a few issues relevant to Cuba, could mellow further.
Replying to the minister of economy, trade and industry of Japan, Toshimitsu Motegi's letter, Zanganeh said, "I would reciprocally like to take this opportunity to express my sincere wishes for promoting the existing bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields particularly in oil and gas sectors and energy security.
Exchange experts reciprocally with a view to promoting library activities and expertise in the fields of publishing, printing and binding.
Arora: Weak reciprocally continuity and fixed point theorems, Ann.
E President Al-Bashir expressed his thanks and appreciation for the warm reception accorded to him and the accompanying delegation, and reciprocally invited H.
The other reforms, reciprocally, depend on the portfolio strategy to provide preconditions that they cannot create by themselves.
As Sri Lanka was committed to respectful engagement with the UN system, reciprocally there was also need on the part of all of Sri Lanka's interlocutors to appreciate the difficult tasks that had been achieved by the government over the past three years since the defeating of LTTE terrorism.
8, 9]) A pair (T, I) of self mappings of a metric space (X, d) is said to be reciprocally continuous iff [lim.
During the meeting, Paet noted that cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and business organizations has been good and reciprocally supportive.
In a second stage, which will begin once Moldova has implemented the EU's aviation acquis, the two parties will recognise each others' fifth freedom rights: the opportunity for a European airline to pick up or set down traffic from or to a third country (and reciprocally in the EU for Moldova).