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Figure 1 provides a visual representation of our proposed extension of Bandura's social cognitive model of triadic reciprocality to the MK context.
Through the Looking Glass: Reflexivity, Reciprocality, and Defenestration in Hitchcock's Rear Window.
Since learning history and the reciprocal role of emotion and thought in behavioral causation is critical to the treatment process, rational cognitive emotive behavior therapy (RCEBT), "favors a conception of interaction based on triadic reciprocality, and suggests that behavior, cognitive and other emotional (personal) factors, and environmental influences all operate as interlocking determinants that affect each other bidirectionally" (Bandura, 2004, pg.
Program leaders promoted mutual obligation and reciprocality to facilitate the comprehension of a wider community good.
Within the film itself, we can readily observe that although Jeff implicitly acknowledges his understanding of the condition of "being-for-others," his fear of being seen by Thorwald indicates his uneasiness about the reciprocality it entails.
Bandura's social cognitive theory advocated a model of triadic reciprocality, which illustrates the interacting influences between people and their behavior and environments [B = f (P[O.