reciprocal inhibition

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a method of behavior therapy based on the inhibition of one response by the occurrence of another response that is mutually incompatible with it

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This reciprocal inhibition (Wolpe, 1954) is the primary tool for desensitizing trauma memories in effective treatments for PTSD (Foa et al.
Reciprocal inhibition can sometimes relieve the cramp.
They were used to create reciprocal inhibition in the Mathematics anxious student and thus he had to relearn the new behaviour of being able to relax with the stimulus of Mathematics.
It is replaced by the antagonist-contraction which, via reciprocal inhibition (see section Reciprocal Inhibition), serves to relax and further stretch the muscle that was subjected to the initial passive stretch.
I've worked in oral surgery for 15 years, so I do a lot of specialty things: TMJ, reciprocal inhibition and sports massage.
Reciprocal inhibition allows for coordinated contraction of opposing muscles in which the agonist contracts as the antagonist relaxes.
Over the years in treating PTSD, I have been successful using relaxation techniques and behavior modification techniques, such as reciprocal inhibition and systematic desensitization, coupled with guided imagery.
Among the many theories, the most favored by dance medicine specialists is called reciprocal inhibition, says athletic trainer Megan Richardson, who works with dancers at the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries in New York City.
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Sherrington's Law of reciprocal inhibition in muscular contraction states that when a muscle on one side of a joint is contracted, the muscle on the opposite side of the joint is sent a neurological signal to relax or release.
Studies at the NINDS have probed the spinal reflex function and found abnormalities consistent with the defect in reciprocal inhibition.
As possible factors limiting maximal activation in antagonistic muscles during co-contraction including abdominal bracing, the influences of inhibitory systems occurring at both central and peripheral sites, such as dual-task interference and Ia reciprocal inhibition as well as recurrent inhibition might be considered (Maeo et al.
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