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5) 04-FRE : Dans la journee il y a du soleil qui nous rechauffe un peu 05-ING : (.
Here is Palladianism rechauffe for people who have made their money in the modern world but want to pretend that they are living as lords of the manor in a feudal society.
On marche avec les pieds, mais on se rechauffe a l'electricite ou au charbon >>), entrecoupees d'imperatifs et d'exclamatifs (<< M.
The "Tale of the Two Kings and the Wasir's Daughters" is that of Shahrazad told in the third person, in fact a rechauffe of the Introduction.
Tout est parti du principe que la terre se rechauffe d'environ 3[degrees]C tous les 100 m de profondeur.
Aujourd'hui nous avons la certitude que le climat s'est rechauffe vers 55 M.
But this current tour, presented by Duncan C Weldon and Paul Elliott (men who do much to ensure quality theatre is kept alive in this country) has a kind of rechauffe feel to it, as though it has been warmed up from the production scene last year in Stratford.
Les nerfs tendus elle fleschit Elle humecte et mollit les roides, Le sang chaud elle refraischit, Et rechauffe les humeurs froides.
Elle le rechauffe, le protege, le nourrit, il grandit, sort de ses plis, s'etire, un jour il est pret [.
Even Tennyson's more astute and admiring critics, including Douglas Bush, have made such comments as, "He had forgotten that `it is no use giving a mere rechauffe of old legends'" (2241).
There is no question that the point of inscriptions and mascarades was to succeed hic et nunc, and that belated and exegetic publication, if anything, confirms initial failure and smacks of rechauffe - a supplement(21) if ever there was one.
Richard Rorty comes out with a programme which sounds dire in the extreme--a rechauffe of the preciosity and jejuneness of Pater, Huysmans, and Wilde, in which he sees the prime value and 'aim of a just and free society as letting its citizens be as privatistic, "irrationalist" and aestheticist as they please so long as they do it on their own time--causing no harm to others and using no resources needed by those less advantaged'.
Fundamentalism characterizes the spirit of von Daniken's approach; his method, or mode of "explanation," is even more ancient, being in fact a rechauffe of one of the earliest attempts at a "scientific" explanation of religion and mythology: euhemerism.
When I was a professor I seemed to meet a great many students who were wholly possessed and beglamoured by Oscar Wilde, and some of them were, for a few weeks, mini-Wildes, dealing extensively in rechauffe wit of the 1890s.
Lors de cette soiree, la poetesse Khadija Arouhal, accompagnee par le musicien et artiste Belaid El Akkaf, a libere le verbe et a rechauffe la salle avec des vers sur la femme amazighe.