recessive allele

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an allele that produces its characteristic phenotype only when its paired allele is identical


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2008) who stated that the presence of dominant Badh2 allele encoding Betaine Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (BADH2) inhibited synthesis of 2AP, while its recessive alleles induced 2AP formation.
As a result, the manifestation of albinism (or conversely melanism) in a population may reflect a higher probability of the expression of recessive alleles due to factors such as inbreeding, probably driven by populations or groups of individuals that are separated in isolated forest fragments, which may lead to mating among closely related individual, thereby increasing the local incidence of albinism (Kuras et al.
are typically produced by recessive alleles of genes that control
Graphic analysis based on Jinks and Hayman [11] makes it possible to have access to the information such as average dominant degree, the ratio of distribution and dispersion of dominant and recessive alleles in parents, and the direction of dominance [4].
Recessive allele (re-sehs-ihv) An allele in a pair that is not expressed in the presence of a dominant allele.
Likewise, possession of a recessive allele does not connote weakness.
Other alleles have a dominant effect, where a single copy of such an allele in the presence of a recessive allele is sufficient to create the same biological effects as two copies of the dominant allele.
1996) in PR9745-232 and RMC-3 confirmed that both have the recessive allele bgm-1 for resistance to BGYMV, whereas the absence of the SCAR marker SW12 suggests that neither breeding line has the QTL associated with resistance to BGYMV found in some Central American black-seeded landraces such as Porrillo Sintetico and Turrialba-1 and their derived breeding lines and cultivars (Miklas et al.
White tigers are only born when two tigers that both carry the unusual gene for white colouring mate - their colour is caused by a double recessive allele.
The number of cases whereby both parents carry the genes for a rare deleterious recessive allele, such as cystic fibrosis, are microscopically small.
Proportion of dominant and recessive allele in parents was lesser than unity showing that recessive genes were in excess (Table 3).
Chocolate or yellow pups can result from a breeding only if both parents carry a recessive allele at the appropriate locus.
But we have shown that the rise of the dominant allele (per generation) was four times as fast as the rise of the recessive allele (18% vs.
It has been shown that IMF along with shear force and drip loss was influenced by one recessive allele (Janss et al.