recessive allele

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an allele that produces its characteristic phenotype only when its paired allele is identical


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are typically produced by recessive alleles of genes that control
Graphic analysis based on Jinks and Hayman [11] makes it possible to have access to the information such as average dominant degree, the ratio of distribution and dispersion of dominant and recessive alleles in parents, and the direction of dominance [4].
For those based on the inheritance of recessive alleles, it is not the presence of two mutant alleles that causes the malady, but the absence of a normal allele.
Chocolate or yellow pups can result from a breeding only if both parents carry a recessive allele at the appropriate locus.
But we have shown that the rise of the dominant allele (per generation) was four times as fast as the rise of the recessive allele (18% vs.
1 Given each parent's genetic makeup, assign an uppercase letter for a dominant allele (one that expresses a visible trait) and a lowercase letter for a recessive allele (one that is masked by a dominant trait).
The segregation of the variant (bluish) type and the normal (greenish) type was 13:27, suggesting the existence of a recessive allele at a single locus.
Note that the simulation of selection against a dominant or recessive allele in the model can be accomplished by making the relative fitness of the heterozygote Rr equal to that of one of the homozygotes.
1) Given each parent's genetic makeup, assign a lowercase letter for a recessive allele and an uppercase letter for a dominant allele (one that expresses itself even if the offspring inherits that allele from only one parent).
The change of recessive allele frequency as the function of this frequency in the previous generation q and the selection coefficient s is calculated as (Crow & Kimura, 1970: eq.
For the trihybrid exercises, a recessive allele of yellow ([y.
The problem comes when the recessive alleles pair up to become a homozygous recessive.