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of or pertaining to a recession


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The rating agency expects that domestic operating conditions for Spanish banks will remain difficult because of the recessionary economic conditions.
Chennai, February 18 (ANI): With India's discount retailer, Subhiksha, approaching the market seeking infusion of funds to stay afloat during times of global recessionary trends, experts fear that investors might soon start feeling the heat.
Indeed, if the world is experiencing excess demand, as the pressure on oil and commodity markets and the abundance of credit suggest, a modest recessionary movement in the United States might be just what the doctor ordered.
Companies capable of competing in a recessionary environment would be best placed to survive the hard times.
This compares with a 1% annual average decline in shipments over the previous five years due to recessionary pressures moving through the economy.
In our last quarterly report we observed a first-quarter 1993 uptick in plastics machine capacity utilization that suggested custom processors had finally climbed out of the recessionary trough (see PT, July '93, p.
Every recessionary moment--and the present one is no exception, with the Clinton administration making a big-time pitch for belt-tightening--sees a revival of this language in the form of demands for concessions and forfeits, usually from those with the least wealth and power.
There appears to be some "countercyclicality" to the data, since, more trade cases are filed when domestic prices are weak, such as during recessionary periods.
There has been a marketplace reaction, and, as I noted earlier, bank managements have taken steps to deal with deteriorating asset quality and the recessionary environment.
However, some of the recent trends could be a sign that human nature cannot learn from recessionary cycles.
Thomason picked the medical device maker because the nature of its business tends to protect it during recessionary times.
However, landlords have become more flexible and receptive to creative deal making due to the recessionary environment and the reality that a large percentage of the sublease space (approximately 2.
Ted Gibson, chief economist for the California Department of Finance, said there is not enough evidence yet to say the state has entered recessionary territory.
We go out of our way to communicate during recessionary periods, and you should, too.
In fact, recessionary pressures were upon us as early as last spring, and while the World Trade Center attacks certainly exacerbated the gravity of the economic issues, it seems today that the nation is moving gradually towards economic recovery.