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Synonyms for recessed

having a sunken area

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resembling an alcove

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This session lasted from July 3 to July 20, when the Congress recessed until November 21,1867.
Sometimes, the recessed amount is only 30 mm to 60 mm for all of the plug-in boards to be enclosed within the four walls of the enclosure.
his designee, it stand recessed or adjourned until noon on Monday,
A correspondent that two students in the province were tested positive for swine flu and schools were recessed till the weekend.
Recessed, semi-recessed, semi-surface mounted and pendant versions are available and can be equipped with metal halide and compact fluorescent lamps.
At least one of the guide supports includes a recessed area containing liquid exposed to the saw plate whereat a thin film of the liquid is applied to the saw plate as it passes by the recessed area during cutting.
Besides the three weeks off for conferences, the council recessed for three weeks of summer and winter vacation.
The recessed unit can be easily installed into countertops and work areas to save valuable workspace, as well as providing an efficient, convenient method for instrument cleaning, infection control, and blood and debris removal.
SutureMate also features a securely recessed cutoff blade for severing the thread without assistance, eliminating the danger of glove perforation for team members or during tying.
Senate has recessed without voting on the nomination of openly gay philanthropist James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg, President Clinton is "weighing his options," according to a senior adviser.
To make recessed butt joints, put blocks between the studs or joists.
DENVER -- American Lighting, an innovative manufacturer and distributor of lighting technologies for residential, commercial and specialty markets, has expanded its LED Recessed Downlight product family with the availability of the E Series LED Recessed Downlight, a value driven, warm-white, highly efficient and easy to install product for both commercial and residential use.
Recessed, semi-recessed, semisurface mounted and pendant versions are available and can be equipped with metal halide and compact fluorescent lamps.
That night I learned to put in towel racks, toilet paper holders and the rather challenging recessed medicine cabinet.
Here's a low-fuss, low-mess way to add great-looking recessed lights to any room.