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They are a very receptive group because, I have got to say, for the first time during my spell here as manager, on Tuesday when I changed the system two or three different times, for different parts of the game to get back a foothold or us to match them, the players responded.
Fisher said, I have had the opportunity to watch David grow Bonotel over the past 20-plus years into the premier luxury-based receptive tour operator.
Those who believed that they were receiving PrEP instead of pla-cebo had neither an increase in receptive anal intercourse without a condom while on study medication nor a decrease in this behavior after stopping it.
The receptive and productive dimension of lexical knowledge is "a bridging dimension between lexical competence and performance" [25].
Global Banking News-October 31, 2012--Former central bank official says Bank of Japan would be more receptive to political pressures(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
They identified which females were currently receptive to male sexual attention and which were not.
Receptive Reason: Alexander of Aphrodisias on Material Intellect, MIIRA TUOMINEN
The language therapy sessions aimed at improving receptive and verbal abilities.
Among the topics are receptive music therapy from a psychoanalytical viewpoint, the guide-traveler relationship as a developmental relationship for the self, anthroposophic music therapy, and stories written under musical induction.
Unprotected, receptive anal intercourse has long been recognized as an activity associated with a high risk of HIV transmission.
Many paper manufacturers sell specialty coated papers for improved toner bonding, but once the paper is printed on with a flexographic, offset or letterpress ink, the ink acts as a barrier over the toner receptive paper coating, which can result in significantly decreased toner adhesion and may then result in toner transfer to a facing sheet.
The impression is given in the article that Welsh Office Minister Nick Ainger is a Liberal Democrat - rather he is a Labour MP who has been extremely receptive to the representations which Labour MPs from across Wales have been making regarding the future of the Post Office.