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The addition of two tamper resistant receptacles not only improves child safety, but also provides a convenient solution for other power needs while devices are charging.
Inmar has executed a special initiative to place receptacles throughout its home state of North Carolina and provide full subscription service at the receptacle sites free of charge for one full year.
Two of the receptacles, 0439-0-15-15-04-27-04-0 and 8210-0-15-15-04-27-04-0, have solder tails for through-hole applications.
All four receptacles have a current rating of 2 amps.
Pins and receptacle shells plated pure tin, matte finish, ready to accept solder.
AFC' circuit breakers and receptacles are designed to detect dangerous, abnormal arcing in branch circuits and cut off the power before a fire can start.
1 and the UL Subject 2682 standard for switch-rated plugs and receptacles.
This includes powering 2,400 watts, 120V NEMA receptacle; 1,800 watts, 120V EURO receptacle; 120V receptacles are GFCI protected; and 3,600 watts, 240V EURO receptacle, with a port for adding a residual current device (RCD).
Attached cord, controller unit with receptacles for the cord, NATO receptacle cord, NATO receptacle power cord with a carrying bag and user manual
Features include a standard interface design that makes the surface-mount latched header backward compatible and allows it to mate with existing Picoflex receptacles.
7 mW to 60 mW, are packaged in either SMA, FC, ST, or SC receptacles or with a universal adaptor that will accept FC, ST, SC, and most other 2.
The ePDUs provide advanced metering, monitoring and management capabilities and complement uninterruptible power systems, distributing power to up to 45 receptacles per ePDU.
Connectors provide IEC IP 67 protection when all receptacles are connected or covered with plugs.
Having visited many national park sites with my family, I have appreciated seeing recycling receptacles.