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The contract is for the supply of sets of links for signal transmission in GSM networks with the receiving system.
This is the case of the acquisition of a power plant fuel receiving system renewal.
This innovative architecture improves the stability of volume output on the receiving system and through unique audio dynamic range control, increases delivered audio fidelity of the transmitting system.
adaptation of the external receiving system which (the so-called.
When IPSec is applied to a data packet at IP Layer 3, a header or trailer or both is added to the packet to let the receiving system know that IP security is used and to call out the associated algorithms.
Installation of the satellite receiving system began on August 2nd, followed by on-site staff training on the CBT International Wagering Terminal.
Contract notice: Develop a common data receiving system - (kbe / 079/2014).
DIRECTV delivers 150 channels of popular cable networks, pay-per- view movies, sports and special interest programs to homes equipped with the RCA-brand DSS(TM) receiving system, which features an 18-inch dish.
The home receiving system will sell initially for around $700.
DSS is a three-component home receiving system that includes a satellite dish, receiver and remote control.
FEC is a mechanism by which a transmitting system encodes data, enabling the receiving system to use redundant data to correct transmission errors.
When the line rings at the fax system, the receiving system also detect which of the many numbers assigned to the telephone line has been dialed.
It allows suppliers to easily generate shipping labels that comply with the receiving system, using secure Internet access and a standard laser or pre-qualified barcode printer.
DSS is a three-component home receiving system consisting of an 18-inch satellite antenna, digital receiver box and remote control that will retail for approximately $699.
The home receiving system is being manufactured by Thomson Consumer Electronics and will be sold under the RCA brand name at consumer electronics and satellite retail outlets nationwide.