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Representing the most sophisticated stage of development, semantic interoperability allows two systems not only to share information, it also enables the receiving system to understand and make use of the incoming data while maintaining the original "meaning" of that data.
First, lets find the uplink receiving system figure of merit (G/[T.
With integration software developed by MagTech, the grower receiving system manages the debris (branches, leaves and other organic material) collection and measurement tasks of each line in conjunction with Allen-Bradley PLCs and arious scales to generate bar-coded sampling tags and capture trash weight data.
The satellite receiving system win be sold by Thomson under the RCA and GE brand names.
The high performance Si472x also enables unmatched volume output stability on the receiving system and increases transmitted audio fidelity through automatic audio dynamic range control.
Contract notice: Defibrillator / monitor for ambulance / emergency vehicles and receiving system for telemedicine.
Data conversion engines receive the transferred data and convert it to a format that is usable by the receiving system.
This innovative architecture improves the stability of volume output on the receiving system and through unique audio dynamic range control, increases delivered audio fidelity of the transmitting system.
Contract notice: Delivery of sets of links for transmitting signals on the gsm and the receiving system.
When IPSec is applied to a data packet at IP Layer 3, a header or trailer or both is added to the packet to let the receiving system know that IP security is used and to call out the associated algorithms.
Although not always followed, it is good practice to define the sensitivity of a receiving system at the output of the receiving antenna, as shown in Figure 1.
Installation of the satellite receiving system began on August 2nd, followed by on-site staff training on the CBT International Wagering Terminal.
Contract notice: Fuel receiving system renewal, pursiala power plant.
adaptation of the external receiving system which (the so-called.
Contract notice: Develop a common data receiving system - (kbe / 079/2014).