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In early 1924, seven months before his and Eckersley's comments to the Third Radio Conference, Hoover said, "[I] do not favor a solution by any license and charge upon receiving sets as is imposed in other countries.
The FCC said it wanted to boot FM up-spectrum "before a considerable investment is made by the listening public in receiving sets and by the broadcasters in transmitting equipment.
The receiving sets cost $125 apiece, and each station committed to placing 50 sets in its broadcast area.
The telegraph was not only used by print media journalists, but also by sports fans themselves--bettors went to pool rooms and saloons equipped with receiving sets (Lever & Wheeler, 1993, p.
in Detroit was the "only organization in the world manufacturing and marketing a complete line of receiving sets for television broadcasts.
The pensioners were each receiving sets of the specially-minted silver coins, consisting of one-, two-, threeand four-penny pieces with a total value equal of the Queen's age.
By fall 1921, they were considering applying alternating current to broadcast receiving sets.
Beyond that we will see the need for an array of residential care options, including affordable assisted living for modest and lower income people who are receiving sets of services that meet their needs beyond housing.
Indeed, if we contemplate that no one had even the slightest suspicion that radio waves could penetrate into the atmosphere of the earth with an intensity sufficient to be recorded with ordinary radio receiving sets, it is clear that Jansky displayed an extraordinary skill and an equally remarkable insight when he announced that the source of the static was somehow connected with the Milky Way.
These include UHT packed milk, three wheelers, radio/ wireless receiving sets, marble and granite processing, coal mining, acetate yarn PVC polyethylene, deep sea fishing, compost fertilizer, etc.
Among the industries with average annual increases during the 1980-85 period, the radio and television receiving sets industry had the highest rate of gain, 18.
Later in the War these stations had sending and receiving sets.
So that night they set up the equipment in Schofield's makeshift studio ready to broadcast a concert from the old Cory Hall, (where the Capitol Centre now stands) to those citizens possessed of the legendary "cat's whiskers" receiving sets.
As a result, demand for radio and television receiving sets as a group is estimated to increase strongly; from the already high level of 1984, an annual rate of 3.
This class consists of units mainly engaged in wholesaling television or radio receiving sets or household appliances.