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One aeroplane stayed at Hermannsburg with a wireless receiving set, and the other flew to Ilbilla, sending half-hourly signals.
He suggested a tax paid by radio manufacturers and added, "It would also be possible to license the people who desire to receive broadcasting and who are using receiving sets.
Only a couple dozen stations could be heard in 1921-1922, and radio receiving sets were, for the most part, homemade devices.
The receiving set itself could be made to display in detail how to program the TV selection.
In 1991, he joined the World League's NY/NJ Knights, where he led the team in receiving and his 9 catches for 245 yards receiving set single-game playoff records.
Consumers interested in receiving SET Asia or Network Asia on DIRECTV should call toll free (877) 278-4388 (Hindi and English).
GlobeSet is the first and only vendor to guarantee full interoperability with all products receiving SET Mark certification.
The telegraph was not only used by print media journalists, but also by sports fans themselves--bettors went to pool rooms and saloons equipped with receiving sets (Lever & Wheeler, 1993, p.