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Synonyms for receiver



Synonyms for receiver

(law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties

earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds

the tennis player who receives the serve

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a football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward pass

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He nodded his head solemnly as he rose from the receiver.
The multitude of designs, capacities, and feature sets is what makes it possible to specify a vacuum receiver that perfectly matches the needs of a plastics conveying system.
You had to use metal working tools and procedures to turn an 80% receiver into a 100% receiver.
The alignment should be six or seven yards from the receiver simply because this will give the corner enough cushion on the receiver.
It's too early to tell where the coach-receiver relationship will go this season, but Owens seems to be trying to be a positive influence on a squad with several young receivers.
Soon after, Hewlett Packard was performing development work on receiver concepts to work with the Global Positioning System (GPS).
However, starting next year, the PLGR will be replaced by the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR).
The EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver is a high-end networked entertainment receiver that streams, plays and shares audio (including MP3 and Internet radio), pictures and video from the networked PC to the Home Entertainment Center.
Unlike generations prior to Ultra32O SCSI, the data and clocks transition at the same time and the receiver decides when to clock the data.
Whenever Birnbach pressed a button to determine his location, his receiver "locked on" to the three GPS satellites that transmitted the clearest radio signal.
By the time the receiver qualified, the entire property became vacant of all tenants and it was abandoned by the Eakins.
The researchers labeled as a "hit" any session in which a receiver rated the target as most like the ganzfeld image.
We are pleased to be able address the needs of wireless operators, infrastructure vendors and optimization services providers with this new and improved scanning receiver," said Luis Rugeles, General Manager of the RF Solutions team within PCTEL's Broadband Technology Group.
In teaching the underneath drops in Cover 3, we want our players to not only see the #2 receiver and read his release, but to keep their head on a swivel and read the drop of the quarterback.
As sophomores, Holland was All-West Valley League as a defensive back, and Wellington was all-league as a receiver.
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