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Synonyms for receipt

sales slip



Synonyms for receipt

the act of receiving


Related Words

an acknowledgment (usually tangible) that payment has been made

report the receipt of

mark or stamp as paid

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However, not misusing drugs or alcohol during the six months before and after a delivery was positively associated with receipt of antiretroviral treatment (2.
a provider of document management and business process management software for Global 1000 enterprises, has announced the new 170 MarkView[TM] Expense Management solution, which automates the management of expense receipts.
If they keep the receipt and the merchandise is in its original packaging it helps the process go smoother,'' Woodward said.
When customers visit the inbox they designated to have the e-receipt sent, they see an e-mail message from Wells Fargo Online titled, "Your Wells Fargo Receipt.
174, says a mere promise to pay, not represented by notes or secured in any way, does not constitute receipt of income within the meaning of the cash receipts and disbursements method of accounting.
Consumers keep track of all receipts through Receipt Assurance eliminating the need to access a digital file attached to an email.
The goods receipt date is used as the basis for taking discounts and determining the due date of the payment.
95 says information about gross amounts of cash receipts and payments during a period generally is more relevant than information about net amounts.
If a plaintiff uses a structured settlement in a nonphysical injury case, proper matching and general fairness suggest that he or she should be taxed on the stream of payments only as actually received (absent constructive receipt or economic benefit concerns, addressed below).
A single gross receipts factor is computed for each component.
The doctrine of constructive receipt generally applies whenever a cash-basis taxpayer is entitled to money, the money is immediately available to him, and his failure to receive it is due entirely to his own volition.
Floater Receipts, Series 2017-XM0569 'A/F1'/Stable Outlook;
Revenue Receipts (Net)###1,615,540###2,183,807###2,225,322
Provincial Tax Receipts (excluding GST on Services) 63,620.