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Warning of a looming terror strike on Srinagar, it states that top LeT commanders have sneaked into the city and were conducting recce of strategic locations.
This was invaluable in preparation for Ulster, and Iestyn and I are now happy with the pace note system that we have developed and we can build on that when we do the recce in Northern Ireland.
A joy to use, as more data feeds are added Recce will end up being even more useful.
Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data, today announced that Recce Inc.
On our way back from our recce, I'd come up with a different idea - of an old woman travelling to Wales in search of her past, and a young couple travelling to Patagonia in search of their future.
161 Recce Flight was one of the longest-serving Australian units in the Vietnam War.
He wisely did a recce to Georgia in February and although the greens were nothing like as lightning fast as this week at least he won't be walking round like a tourist.
The paper insists: 'Furthermore, Madrid representatives have done a recce and gathered information about the problematic private life of the newest 'crack' (star player) born in the British Isles.
Most of my time was in the Far East, serving as a blacksmith/welder on 684 squadron Mosquitos photo recce, and I am trying to find my best mate on the squadron.
The advantages of armed recce missions included limiting enemy freedom of movement and ability to deploy reserves, slowing down of enemy reinforcements to the sector being attacked, and a general interdiction of supplies.
Norway's Ostberg, who sits fourth in the overall standings after nine of 13 events, suffered two cracked ribs, while Andersson escaped with heavy bruising from the incident during the first day of recce.
Looking forward to the recce, Pryce said: "There's so much rally history about this place, I can't wait to see it first hand - especially the jump and the hairpin on the Fafe stage.
In the chargesheet, the police alleged that IM members had conducted recce of the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort in Agra to carry out bomb blasts.