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Synonyms for recast

cast again, in a different role

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cast again

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cast or model anew

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The length of the recast layer was measured and the average was calculated for every sample
According to the Article 2 of all the above mentioned amendments, Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with RoHS recast by the last day of the sixth month after these amendments entering into force at the latest.
Recast says all biomass fuel used in the plant will be sourced in Puerto Rico, and there will be no imports from offshore.
Beyond the original RoHS legislation, what changes does the recast bring?
The recast questions whether "harmonised [sic] specific requirements" should be created that specify mandatory methods of manufacture testing or material composition for specific devices.
The New Zealand jockey, who exercised restraint in order to get down to the required 54kg, nailed Itmaybeyou, ridden by Ronnie Stewart, and Top Spin (Saimee Jumaat) on the Laurie Laxon-trained Recast.
Rather than celebrating the city's multi-racial and multi-ethnic origins, the parade appropriated and recast the region's ethnic history.
Although salient recasts should have called attention to themselves in this written environment if the recast was noticed it neither sparked published acknowledgement nor prompted participants to develop their ideas any further, and consequently, offer no insight as to whether or not students noticed the correction (examples 1-3).
In her series of Organic Honey performances, Jonas exposed and recast representations of "woman" by continually deferring them.
A CPA/ABV SHOULD OBTAIN clients' financial statements for five to seven years--or even ten if the nature of the business justifies it--and recast them to clearly distinguish operational business value,
RATTLED Tony Blair recast himself as the "listening" Prime Minister yesterday in a desperate bid to quell Labour unrest.
Suncor Energy has ReCast [TM] more than 500 worn cups and discs from its 30-inch hatching pigs since June 2000 and has realized cost savings of 35 percent while reducing waste.
Reading a private note and interrupting an impassioned embrace only deepens this misunderstanding, and soon Briony has recast her sister and friend in a violent drama demanding a heroic rescue and a terrible punishment.
This opportunity is the ability of the aforementioned tenants to recast their transactions and lock in long term leases at favorable rental rates and in most cases, with work letter contributions and other concessions that were unavailable less than two years ago.
Callaghan and Habib have thus offered texts which recast Shakespeare in an uncomfortable mold, making him a font of problems of gender, race and imperialism.