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Synonyms for recapitulation

a condensation of the essential or main points of something

Synonyms for recapitulation

emergence during embryonic development of various characters or structures that appeared during the evolutionary history of the strain or species

(music) the section of a composition or movement (especially in sonata form) in which musical themes that were introduced earlier are repeated

a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion


(music) the repetition of themes introduced earlier (especially when one is composing the final part of a movement)

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The moment of recapitulation in Beethoven's sonatas can perhaps be compared to the return from a voyage to distant lands.
He argues that the movement is both a reversed and a subdominant recapitulation acting "in excessive haste" throughout.
25) emphasized its presence as a purely structural device to divide the novel in half and found it tempting to think that the recapitulation would have headed the second of two papyrus rolls between which a copy of the novel would have been divided.
Josh wins the award based upon his article in Volume 35 (2008) entitled "A Problematic Alliance: Colonial Anthropology, Recapitulation Theory, and G.
In the second phrase of the recapitulation, the motive of the left-hand melody is immediately reflected in the accompanying counterpoint of the right hand.
The state Department of Revenue in December rejected the town's annual tax rate recapitulation sheet, a municipal financial statement that the DOR must certify before a community can set its property tax rate.
The context is a discussion of Irenaeus' concept of recapitulation.
But the connection that Monteverde does not appear to seriously consider is that both presuppositions were central tenets of recapitulation theory, "the idea that the child in his or her development must recapitulate the intellectual and moral development of humanity epoch by epoch" (Tanner & Tanner, 1990, p.
However, sometimes recapitulation occurs and the individuals regress to interactions found in the historical stage.
Ernst Haeckel's doctrine of embryonic recapitulation (that ontogeny provides a brief review of phylogeny) seems a harmless enough topic; however, few biologists have remained neutral to it (Blackwell, 2001).
The longest story, a fictionalized recapitulation of the life of Alexander Hamilton, is told in three successive parts.
The overt representation of this human/machine interaction in Soft Materials suggests a way of understanding the fascination with modernism that pervades Martin's work as something that goes beyond simple nostalgia or stylistic recapitulation.
The recapitulation by the two brilliant announcers: "All of this goes to show you what can be accomplished by a brilliant manager who will do all the homework for his players.
Most of the book is a brilliant recapitulation of the history of American education, written from Zoch's perspective as a seasoned classroom teacher.
But here, like a catchy melody in the hands of Andrew Lloyd Weber, it is so stretched, burdened with a narrative responsibility so far beyond its powers, that it soon grates as badly as the 12th recapitulation of the "Music of the Night" theme.