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Synonyms for recantation

a formal statement of disavowal

Synonyms for recantation

a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion

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Amnesty international, UN experts, not to mention the other three members of the Goldstone mission found no basis for his recantation and expressed mixed emotions of disappointment and frustration.
A clemency hearing was forthcoming, but the decision was far from a sure bet, as witness recantations rarely resulted in overturned convictions.
His sincere recantation led to the dismissal of the case.
As in Jane's case, the defense attorney sought to admit evidence of Mary's 2011 report and recantation.
Mr Tayeb added: "It's unfortunate as he was going to do a public recantation of a statement he made 27 years ago.
Following his re-election last week, the prime minister suggested he hasn't changed his position on the two-state solution, leaving some to argue that his pre-election recantation was merely a political ploy.
With that recantation and the disputed medical evidence, Mike Ware, the lawyer, convinced a judge and the Bexar County District Attorney that the women were entitled to a new look at the case, and in the meantime could be freed.
Carter was briefly freed in 1976 after the guilty verdicts were overturned, but he was again convicted in the same year, as one of the prosecution witnesses withdrew his recantation, the report added.
In fact, Warden noted that in Illinois Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez's office "is pursuing a perjury indictment against a recanting witness, alleging nothing more than that there was a material contradiction between his trial testimony 30 years ago and his recent recantation.
Chapter 3 traces the difficult paradoxes of identity enacted by Thomas Cranmer's recantation, on the occasion of his martyrdom, of the previous recantation he had made in hopes of avoiding that occasion: which writing is the real Cranmer?
A lawmaker has filed a bill providing for the speedy and effective perpetuation of testimonies of vital witnesses in the prosecution of criminal offenses to prevent recantation or substantial alteration.
But alas, unlike Boyle's law - or Newton's one on gravity - latter day legal slicks have made lots of moolah from claims of mitigation, plain obfuscation and sheer recantation of such solid principles.
It was nota passive recantation but a forthright asserting of what lies ahead how that could be achieved.
Heilbron summarises the Catholic church's relations with Galileo in the years after his famous recantation.
Goldstone's recantation, he summarized, has confirmed once again that the IDF is the Most Moral Army in the World.