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a puzzle where you decode a message consisting of pictures representing syllables and words

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Rankin said: "I'm so thrilled and honoured that Gregory Burke is bringing his outstanding storytelling talent to Rebus.
Cafferty often tempts Rebus to give in to his darker impulses and that makes him a Satan figure or maybe a Mr Hyde or Moriarty.
The fact that Rebus's doubts arise in the company of Leary merely underlines the incompatibility of science and religion, and of policemen and priests, as Rebus himself tacitly confesses when, just before his death in Dead Souls, Father Leary asks Rebus to pray for him.
Once I know I'm finished with Rebus and I will never write another book about him, I can go and watch the TV version.
In this twentieth edition of the trials of Rebus, Rankin poses three questions long on the lips of Rebus fans the world over: Is Rebus good?
IN THIS 20th edition of the trials of Rebus, Rankin poses three questions long on the lips of fans the world over: Is Rebus good?
DESPITE his character's unorthodox behaviour, author Ian Rankin believes that in some ways he and creation -- John Rebus -- are not different after all.
com)-- Even though people may not know rebus puzzles by name, they know the concept.
According to the rule rebus sic stantibus, understood according to a wide range, extraordinary circumstances may determine the ceasing of a treaty.
ACTOR Ken Stott has revealed he would love to play tough Scottish detective Rebus again - despite rumours the show was axed in 2008 because he had quit.
Rebus clashes with Commander Steelforth, the officer in charge of the summit's security, who isn't keen to publicise a murder at such an important event.
Software applications and outsourcing solutions provider Northgate Information Solutions (Northgate) has completed the acquisition of UK-based Rebus HR Group.
Earlier this month, Northgate announced a major drive into the BPO market through the acquisition of Rebus HR Group in a reverse takeover that values Rebus at 150m pounds ($260.