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Synonyms for reburying

the act of burying again


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It calls for digging up the barrels, staging them on site and then reburying the hazardous solid waste in Tremont City in a lined landfill.
The decision is said to be a temporary measure with a long-term aim of reburying them back on Tyneside.
The possibility of exhuming bodies and reburying them in deeper graves so that coffins can be laid on top was suggested by ministers as part of a wide-ranging review of burial practices in England and Wales.
Bosnian Serb commander Dragan Obrenovic is said to have murdered up to 8,000 Muslims in 1995 before digging up their bodies and reburying them to cover up the crime.
Recent fixes to my service have included: patching cable that is buried less than one-inch deep, reburying it and leaving sections exposed across my back yard; grounding the cable to a plastic protective cover on my phone line (obviously leaving it ungrounded and dangerous); running the ground wire sloppily across the top of steps used daily by my kids.
And why should America's most prestigious orchestras survive at all if their function is the weekly ritual of exhuming and reburying an exhausted music tradition?
Thus sat Bertha the Buzzard that lightning-streaking-across-the-sky, thunder-thumping, rain-pouring-down, stormy night, digging up from the grave, digesting and reburying old bones until, finally: "Sister Luella, I hate running out and leaving you like this but I must be getting on before it's too late for me to stop in at the Home to see if Brother Youngblood has been put on display yet.