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Generally speaking there are three options available: retaining the remains in a Keeping Place (whether temporarily or permanently); cremation; and/or reburial.
In one instance involving the Muthi Muthi people, the original burial site had subsequently become a popular public camping area and Elders felt reburial would be safer in a more private location nearby (Mary Pappin pers.
For this reason, the ideal reburial location will satisfy community cultural requirements whilst having a low potential to already contain cultural materials, in particular skeletal material.
One method of finding appropriate places for reburial involves the application of geophysical survey.
they [the government] would like us to take all our Old People's remains and take them to one central location and do a big reburial.
It is within this context that in September 2006 the Ngarrindjeri community set about conducting the first of many reburial ceremonies necessary following the Edinburgh and Museum Victoria repatriation events.
Following numerous community discussions, the Ngarrindjeri leadership decided to carry out the reburial of 13 Old People at the southern end of Hack's Point on the margin of a small mound known to be a traditional burial ground.
Hannah asked, 'What do you think about this whole reburial business, Lynn?
The reburial did not begin and end on the day the remains were returned.
Thus, it is no surprise that community members' responses to repatriation and reburial events were an uneven mix of uncertainty, resistance, and pride.
The structure of the events that occurred during that day in May--separate repatriation and reburial ceremonies, held in very different locations, attended by different groups of people and intended for different audiences--highlight the extraordinariness and uncertainties of repatriations.
It was clear from my conversations with Tom that he did not expect to replicate a smoking ceremony from the past; rather, he wanted to ensure that the reburial was conducted in the most informed and dignified manner possible in the present.
9) Additionally, as we will see, participants heralded the return and reburial of skeletal remains as symbols of the changing relationship between Aboriginal people and government.
On the morning of the reburial, we assembled at Yarra Bay House, a former home for orphaned boys, which now houses the La Perouse Local Area Land Council and Guriwal, the Community Development and Economic Program.
THOUSANDS of people are expected to line the streets of Dublin today for the reburial of the Mountjoy Ten.