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the act of burying again


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Given the strong historical links with Dunbar we thought it fitting to bring our event there to give local people and interest groups a chance to hear from the researchers involved in the project and to give their opinions on further research, reburial, and commemoration.
Repatriation and reburial also had to take into account Ponoka County, neighbouring landowners, the University of Alberta, and five government departments.
The Okanagan Nation Alliance and the Arrow Lakes Tribe of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville reservation in Washington took responsibility for the reburial of 10,000-year-old bones considered to be remains of an ancestor to the Sinixt people, considered extinct in Canada.
On a rain-soaked Saturday at the end of June, more than 50 people, including scientists, members of the Anzick family and representatives of six Native American tribes, gathered for the nearly two-hour reburial ceremony.
their families on Tuesday night for their reburial.
Thus, the commemorative events will supposedly include research-to-practice conference to study the history of Kyrgyzstan; reburial of the remains of victims of the 1916 events in compliance with all religious rites attracting Muslim and Orthodox clergy; marathon to raise funds for a monument installation and other activities.
A source said the seriousness of his condition was exaggerated during a legal fight over the reburial of his three children.
London, July 6 ( ANI ): South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has urged ailing Nelson Mandela's family members to end their squabble over the reburial of three of his children.
htm) over the removal and reburial of the three bodies .
He demanded Guru's body back to be handed over for reburial to his family.
Prepare now for a drawn-out saga over the choice of reburial site.
The eight chapters describe the project, the growth and abandonment of the cemetery, project planning, the study of identity in archeology and mortuary contexts, and project methods; the historical context of Tucson prior to and during the establishment, use, and abandonment of the cemetery, and its archeology and history; the design and results of identity assessments conducted for the project; the historical, contextual, and osteological evidence for diet, nutrition, disease, trauma, medical intervention, and demography; the deathways practiced by Hispanic Catholics and Euroamericans, with a focus on the effects of cemetery reform and the Civil War on mortuary behavior; the mortuary data; comparisons of results with other cemeteries; and the reparation and reburial of remains.
Thus, although a poll taken in 1988 showed that over fifty percent of Hungarians in Budapest construed the revolution as a "counterrevolution," just one year later, on June 16, 1989, thousands of Hungarians flocked to the respectful reburial of Nagy and his comrades in Budapest's Heroes Square (p.