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Synonyms for rebuker

someone who finds fault or imputes blame

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But the moment eludes him, and the poet realizes that he cannot make sense of that moment, or his life, cannot see the "iron and out-flung filings of our lives, on/ A sheet of paper, blind-blank as Time, snapped/ Into a polarized pattern" until he returns in his imagination to the scene of the black man, returning to his shack all those years ago, and, after watching him make himself ready for bed, addresses him in apostrophe as his "Brother, Rebuker," and "Philosopher past all/ Casuistry.
Brother, Rebuker, my Philosopher past all Casuistry, will you be with me when I arrive and leave my own cart of junk Unfended from the storm of starlight and The howl, like wind, of the world's monstrous blessedness, To enter, by a bare field, a shack unlit?
Ultimately, the ties most vignerons maintained with the traditional church in Burgundy were based on the same conception of God as provider and rebuker that prompted the mairie to organize a holy procession to drive away insects from the vines, drought from the fields or heretics from the community.
The Chariot performs with special guests Glass Cloud, Birds In Row, To The Wind and Rebuker at 6 p.
Consistent with his Hasidic outlook, he rebuked the rebukers who saw even the stones of America as treyf.