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Synonyms for rebuff

Synonyms for rebuff

a deliberate slight

to slight (someone) deliberately

Synonyms for rebuff

a deliberate discourteous act (usually as an expression of anger or disapproval)

an instance of driving away or warding off


Related Words

reject outright and bluntly

References in classic literature ?
Roxy had for so many days nourished and fondled and petted her notion that Tom would be glad to see his old nurse, and would make her proud and happy to the marrow with a cordial word or two, that it took two rebuffs to convince her that he was not funning, and that her beautiful dream was a fond and foolish variety, a shabby and pitiful mistake.
He had given up hope of returning to civilization, for since his various rebuffs at the hands of those to whom he had looked for friendship he had wandered so far inland as to realize that he was completely lost in the mazes of the jungle.
Not swayed by the rebuff, First Citizens is now appealing to shareholders to support its takeover offer.
Some sides rebuff it and refuse to go to parliament to elect a president while other factions say that it is unacceptable in the absence of a president".
In addition, a representative for Investor AB (STO:INVE-A) previously told Reuters that his company would rebuff the offer.
In a clear rebuff to the BJP, Thackeray said: " When you don't have a sword with you, you don't clench your fist and talk about courage and valour," -- clearly alluding to the fact that the BJP neither had the numbers to pull off a victory in the presidential elections nor a candidate.
Participants of the 22nd Anniversary of Operation Fenkil told ERINA that the commemoration of Fenkil Operation is a reminder for nationals to strengthen in folds the national resolute rebuff and development in view of the fact that the event is being commemorated at a time when Eritreans are standing on firm ground and resisting the unjust and illegal sanctions resolution against Eritrea.
I totally rebuff the report, I would sincerely fight for rights of nurses and I would not believe in any rumours until and unless authorities issue a notification regarding regularization of the nurses' jobs and acceptance of their other demands," she said.
A tectonically perilous geology and barely habitable climate scornfully rebuff attempts to make a lasting mark on this isolated, island terrain.
CHAIRMAN of the Tory Party, Michael Ancram said of the Labour Manifesto, "It will be hard to rebuff.
Sharp Rebuff, trained by Peter Makin, had no luck in running at Ayr last time and looks interesting in Sandown's Spirit of Brooklands Handicap (4.
This decision was a rebuff of the mining companies and the mining associations," he added.
Swiss hedge fund, GAM, has been able to rebuff a boardroom coup by activist investor, RBR Capital.
AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Future" adopts Mashnouk's "warning" And renews support of government, dialogue AL-AKHBAR: Berri: Dialogue is safe THE DAILYSTAR: Future stands firm on talks, govt in rebuff to Nasrallah --The parliamentary Future bloc Tuesday upheld its support for the government and national dialogue, in a clear rebuff to Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah who had implicitly called on the bloc to quit both the Cabinet and the all-party talks.
He's been a practitioner long enough to be turned off by a rebuff from the Supreme Court if he considers a reversal a rebuff," Angara said during a regular forum in the Senate.