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a long woolen or linen scarf covering the head and shoulders (also used as a sling for holding a baby)

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Bebe Rebozo was a short, swarthy, good-looking Cuban-American businessman with a history of failed relationships with women and close alliances with Miami's Mafia chiefs, the Daily Mail reported.
With her head wrapped in a traditional rodete headscarf and her shoulders cloaked in the multi-purpose shawl known as a rebozo, she balances a basket on her head, trekking up and down the steps as she calls out: "Empanadas
In "Best and Only," he surveys the twentieth century, with a particular focus on Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo, including a scene with both men urinating off the stern of the Sequoia: ".
So I'm going through my usual awkward routine of explaining why I'm there, and that the first item on my scavenger hunt is to sniff out the trail of President Nixon and Bebe Rebozo, when they used to take Bebe's yacht over to the island from his mansion on Key Biscayne.
Traditional midwives as well as 'professional midwives' ran workshops during the conference and there you could learn about the traditional herbal postpartum steam bath, the temazcal, or how to use the rebozo (traditional Mexican shawl) to help turn posterior or breech babies, as well as suturing and interpretation of fetal heart tones.
While Araseli washes windshields, her mother goes begging a few blocks away, the baby tied on her back with a rebozo, a traditional Indian scarf.
The issue centered on a gift from the late Nixon friend Charles "Bebe" Rebozo, $780,000 of which was given to the foundation in 1999.
In Tapia's painted carving, a mother dressed in a colorful, flowing rebozo cradles her shirtless, jeans-wearing son beneath the glow of a streetlight as he lies dying from gang violence.
As you suggested, I did share it with Henry Kissinger and Bebe Rebozo (Nixon's friend and financier), and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
An acquaintance told me the story of his grandmother, a woman who went to church daily, wore a rebozo, and baked tamales for the church, in short, a respected older woman of the community.
Bebe Rebozo must he asking God for a pardon in light of today's political games.
After palpating the baby, she had Jenny lie down on a large rebozo (shawl) and stood over her, lifting her up and massaging her back and belly by rolling her back and forth in the shawl.
On her list of callers, which included Bebe Rebozo, Ambassador Huang-Chen of the People's Republic of China Liaison Office, Dr.
Rebozo presents a new album which includes a selection of pieces by these two Cuban American composers.