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cause to load (an operating system) and start the initial processes


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After the reboot was confirmed to air on ABC, original judge Simon Cowell opened up about "American Idol" and said that he will never return to the show.
The 'Jumanji' reboot, which also stars Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Karen Gillen, Jack Black and Nick Jonas in pivotal roles, has turned out to be a gigantic hit at the box office.
Consumers should install the patch, swallow any unwanted reboots, and keep an eye out for further fixes coming down the line, in other words.
But reboots are a different game altogether and if not handled properly, it could result in huge losses, not to mention destroying memories of a much-loved film of yore.
Source of Licensable Films Projected for Release Mid-2014-2018 Sequels 36 45% Books 15 19% Comic books/strips 13 16% Original 11 14% Reboots 10 13% Television 5 6% Video games and apps 5 6% Toys 2 3% NOTE: A film can appear in multiple categories.
Nigel Ashfield, MD of TIME Investments, Stuart Nicol, Fund Manager of TIME:REBOOT VCT and Tristram Mayhew, Founder of Go > Ape and Non-Execu- tive Director of Reboot, experience the Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape in Cockfosters to launch a Venture Capital Trust
Master Reboot has been described as an atmospheric puzzle adventure game.
We are in the last two months of developing Master Reboot, which is definitely the biggest game to come out of Wales this year.
The longer Reboots are dead, the stronger and less human they are, and Wren has the highest number of anyone.
Microsoft plans to issue an over-the-air fix next month for a problem that has caused some Windows Phone 8 handsets to reboot themselves unexpectedly.
28 -- All you unhappy early adopters of Windows Phone 8 who keep having their phones reboot on them without notice, you can put your pitchforks down as Microsoft is prepping up an OTA update that should fix the glitch.
Summary: Doctor Who's lead writer, Steven Moffat, has rejected claims from David Yates that a Hollywood reboot of the show is in the works.
In its zeal to reinvent and reboot, Hollywood has dedicated itself to "thinking out of the box.
When your computer suddenly slows down or things go awry, do a reboot, Often that repairs the problem easily.