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Synonyms for rebirth

Synonyms for rebirth

a fundamental change in one's beliefs

Synonyms for rebirth

after death the soul begins a new cycle of existence in another human body

Related Words

the revival of learning and culture

a spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life

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The not-for-profit Project Rebirth combines its eleven films based on the eight-year first person accounts of 9/11 First Responders and survivors and the world's largest time lapse project -- including the Peabody Award-winning documentary Rebirth -- and the talents of its diverse team to create and share unique educational and resilience building programs for First Responders, Military & Veterans, and Educators & Community Leaders.
The iPad really gives us the platform we always dreamed of when we conceived Rebirth nearly fifteen years ago," says Ernst Nathorst-Boos, CEO of Propellerhead Software.
Leaked early and regarded as a spectacular misfire Stateside, Rebirth is a stopgap release, insignificant in comparison to its mighty predecessor but guaranteed to keep its creator's name in the public domain - should he soon be otherwise detained.
The fans should pick up The Rebirth and my first two albums because they can then start from the beginning and listen through to the end.
The difficulties she faces in proving her thesis start, of course, with the fact that most interpreters do not consider rebirth ("Wiedergeburt") to be yet a part of the Rigvedic belief system.
Watching TV last night reminded me, though, that this rebirth could be temporary.
It is hardly possible for rebirth to happen without a death of some kind.
The economic and cultural rebirth of North Hollywood is a testament to what can -- and must -- be done throughout the Valley.
The symbol of Catholicism's rebirth in the country is the Church of the Sacred Heart in Tashkent, capital of the former Soviet Republic (Zenit, May 24, 2005).
In an afternoon lecture that far outshone his indifferent performance of Rebirth of a Nation, 2002, that night, Miller gave a delighted appraisal of the creative milieu global mobility conjures: "I'm in New York when an e-mail comes in from Chuck D.
A month-long celebration will be launched today to mark the rebirth of Birmingham's Rotunda as an apartment block and its status as an architectural icon.
As they finish, a refrain from Graham's epic Clytemnestra comes to mind: "Rebirth, rebirth.
But Get Right proved that she is still several classes above the vast majority of so-called R&B divas currently flooding the charts - and there's plenty more where that came from on current album Rebirth, including Hold You Down, featuring a guest slot from rap star Fat Joe, that is scheduled as the follow-up single on May 16.
Some sociologists report a rebirth of polyandry one wife, several husbands--in the countryside, and there's no particular reason it shouldn't spread into the cities as well.